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Handbook on Hospital Planning & Designing. For Medical Administrators, Architects, Planners and Students

ISBN: 9789819990009
ISBN: 9789819990009
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This handbook is in reference to the book “Manual of Hospital Planning and Designing” which was earlier published by Springer Nature.

This “Handbook on Hospital Planning and Designing” is a helpful guide that shows how to build an efficient healthcare project. Carefully planning and designing hospitals is essential to deliver and effective healthcare facilities. It’s basically a mix of art, science, and caring. This book highlights the rooms, spaces, MEP service, safety, security, equipment, instruments, and other support services.

This book is a summary of the essentials for designers and planners who want to design hospitals. Architects, designers, doctors, and people who are involved in the designing of hospital, will find it useful. It helps them make places that work well, look nice, and care for patients best. Setting up the hospital project is more than just building. It’s about creating places where people get better and feel good.

This book explores everything about planning and designing hospitals in the given chapters from the beginning, covering all the departments until the hospital is all set up.

This book is helpful for experienced architects with new ideas, a healthcare worker who wants the best for patients, or a student who loves learning about hospitals.

  • Presents the summary of the planning, designing of Hospital Project by defining all activities
  • Highlights the essential points to consider while planning & designing the hospital project
  • Provides the complete steps of all initial planning, construction, and department setup