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Head and Neck Surgery for General Surgeons

ISBN: 9789811979002
ISBN: 9789811979002
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General surgery is the common ancestor of all surgical specialties. Within general surgery, many subspecialty areas of practice have evolved. This book is the first manual recognizing the growing role General Surgeons play in Head & Neck Surgery. From benign to malignant conditions and form ablative to reconstructive challenges, the renowned comprehensive capability of the General Surgeon is well suited to demands of this discipline.

Each chapter details relevant anatomical considerations to enable understanding of this complex regional specialty and the full range of head and neck pathologies with requisite assessment, investigation, surgical and relevant reconstructive techniques.

Written by a multidisciplinary, international team of recognized experts, this textbook is a practical but comprehensive guide for both candidates preparing for final surgery examinations as well as general surgeons requiring an up-to-date source of definitive advice on topics of this regional specialty.

  • Comprehensive guide across the entire breadth of head and neck surgery
  • Edited by the leader in the field
  • Provides a practical manual for assessment, management of pathology and trauma of the head & neck