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Headache and Facial Pain Medicine

ISBN: 9781264803125
ISBN: 9781264803125



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Everything you need to know about diagnosing and treating the most common pain condition in the world 

The chief complaint of headache accounts for up to 19 percent of outpatient neurology office visits and is among the top three chief complaints presenting in the emergency rooms and leading to neurological consultation.

From a world-renowned clinician on the subject, Headache and Facial Pain Medicine provides expert coverage of any type of headache readers are likely to encounter. Migraine, tension, and cluster headaches—the most common of all headaches—receive highly detailed discussions, while the many, generally secondary headaches, are covered more briefly. Practitioners and residents will find important information about conducting a physical exam, determining between primary and secondary headaches, diagnostic imaging and lab studies, and the anatomy and physiology of head pain.

With more than 60 chapters, this comprehensive guide covers virtually every type of head and facial pain, including:

•  Migraines
•  Cluster headaches
•  Tension headaches
•  Hemicrania
•  Daily headaches
•  Exertional headaches
•  Hypnic headaches
•  Headaches associated with sexual activity
•  Stabbing headaches
•  Posttraumatic headache
•  Headache associated with stroke
•  Facial pain
•  Headaches and sleep
•  Eye-disease headaches
•  Neuralgia
•  Headaches during pregnancy
•  Headache and racial/ethnic disparities