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Hematopoiesis. Biochemical, Cellular, Molecular, and Genomic Perspectives 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781774914724
ISBN: 9781774914724
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This new volume discusses the widespread concerns of hematopoietic challenges in different and emerging ways. With chapters written by faculty from prestigious institutions working directly in hematopoiesis and advanced areas of biology, the volume offers a comprehensive overview of the regulation of blood cell development, epigenetic mechanisms, and regulatory non-coding RNAs. It presents concepts related to regulation of hematopoietic stem cell development, as well as survival, proliferation, and differentiation. It also discusses the microenvironmental niche where stem cells exist and develop into distinct blood cell types. A model system used to study non-coding RNA functions and along with transformation of normal cells into cancer cell is elaborated on as well.

Key features of the book:

  • Details how to utilize the available investigative tools and techniques to isolate and study single blood cells in different model systems
  • Discusses the epigenetics of hematopoiesis
  • Considers the clinical outcomes of defective hematopoiesis
  • Describes hematopoiesis and cancer stem cells
  • Looks at hematopoiesis in relation to specific diseases, such as minimal residual disease (MRD) and leukemia

This book provides valuable information related to developments in hematopoiesis that will be helpful for understanding the basics of hematopoiesis and the clinical treatment of blood diseases. Hematopoiesis: Biochemical, Cellular, Molecular, and Genomic Perspectives will be valuable to clinicians, medical school students, and researchers working in hematology.


1. Unrevealing the Mechanism of Zebrafish Hematopoiesis: A Novel Approach

Aparajita Chakraborty

2. Investigative Tools to Study Blood Cells: Focus on Single Cell Isolation and Analysis

Dushyant Kumar Gautam, Anuradha Venkatakrishnan Chimata, Ravi Kumar Gutti, and Indira Paddibhatla

3. Evaluation of Chitosan and Its Derivatives in Immunomodulating Blood Sentinel Cells

Arun Kumar Subramani, Keyur Raval, and Ritu Raval

4. Proteoglycans and Glycosaminoglycans Regulating Functions of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche

Samiksha Wasnik, Lakshmi Manasa Chaturvedula, and Chaturvedula Tripura

5. Epigenetics of Hematopoiesis: Role of HATs and HDACs

Arunasree M. Kalle and Debasmita Naik

6. Systems Biology Approaches Toward Understanding Human Long Non-Coding RNA Hematopoietic Cells

Swati Dahariya, Sanjeev Raghuwanshi, and Ravi Kumar Gutti

7. Clinical Outcomes of Defective Hematopoiesis

Geeta Rai, Doli Das, Khushbu Priya, and Hiral Thacker

8. Circulating Messengers of Blood and Their Clinical Applications

Rasmita Samal and Anula Divyash Singh

9. Hematopoiesis and Cancer Stem Cells: The Seed and the Soil Crosstalk

Akhilesh Prajapati

10. lncRNAs in Types of Leukaemia

Swati Dahariya, Aditya Velidandi, Dushyant Kumar Gautam, Ravi Kumar Gutti and Indira Paddibhatla

11. Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) as a Prognostic Factor in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Anpreet Choudhary, Rekha Sharma, Satti Vishnupriya, Rajender Rao K, Raghunath Manchala, Suvir Singh, Obul Reddy Bandapalli , Prashant Suravajhala, Raghunadharao Digumarthi, and Sugunakar Vuree