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Hip Sonography

Diagnosis and Management of Infant Hip Dysplasia

ISBN: 9783540309574
ISBN: 9783540309574

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Diagnosis and Management of Infant Hip Dysplasia

Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο


Sonography of baby hips for the diagnosis of DDH and dysplasia has grown steadily in importance in recent years. A strict standardized technique for investigation of the baby and interpretation of the sonograms has made hip ultrasound reproducible, reliable and independent of examiner skill and experience.

Graf?s technique is now used worldwide, and selective or even general screening programmes for all babies are established in many European countries today.

The first part of this book includes the fundamentals of hip sonography, static as well as dynamic techniques, anatomical identification of the echograms, typing, a measurement technique and usability check.

The second part is an atlas including a summary of the essential data and demonstrating correct and incorrect sonograms in different variations. The book is indispensable for everyone dealing with DDH problems in diagnosis and therapy.

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Equipment for hip ultrasound. Image projection. Anatomy and ultrasound of the normal infant hip joint. Ultrasound characteristics of the different tissues in the region of the hip joint. The proximal femur in hip ultrasound. Femoral head. The acetabulum. The standard plane. The problem of the variable bone coverage of the femoral head. Identifying the anatomy and checking the landmarks and tilting effects. Checking a hip sonogram. Definition of types. Differentiation between ossification and degeneration. Ultrasound classification. Systematic reporting of a sonogram. Measurement technique. Classification using the sonometer. Classification in premature infants. Certainty of the diagnosis. Summary of the principal differences between elasticity and (pathological) instability. The terminology of dislocation. Scanning technique.