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Histology and Cell Biology: Examination and Board Review, Sixth Edition

ISBN: 9781264269921
ISBN: 9781264269921
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Ace your histology courses and the USMLE with this go-to review guide?complete with critical concepts and fully updated practice questions.  Now in 4 color!

Histology and Cell Biology is designed and formatted in a way that helps you make the most of your time, whether you’re studying this topic for the first time or reviewing for the USMLE. With this focused review you’ll be able to pinpoint your weak areas, then improve your comprehension with learning aids designed to help you understand and retain even the most difficult material.

This popular LANGE guide provides everything you need to know about the four basic tissues types, and organs and organ systems. This new edition features completely revised Q&As as well as a diagnostic final exam, updated with longer, case-related stems that mimic the USMLE Step 1 exam.

Each chapter is devoted to a specific topic and includes learning aids such as:

  • Objectives pointing out significant facts and concepts you must know about each topic
  • Max-Yield™ study questions directing you to key facts needed to master material most covered on exams
  • A synopsis presented in outline form reviewing all the basic histology and related cell biology covered on exams
  • Multiple-choice questions written in the style most commonly used in medical school
  • An accessible format and clear review—making this a great resource for students looking to better understand and piece together their professors’ lectures!