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Hormones in Neurodegeneration, Neuroprotection, and Neurogenesis

ISBN: 9783527326273
ISBN: 9783527326273

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As life expectancy increases and population ages, the already enormous impact of neurodegeneration on society will become even larger without better prevention and treatment. Developing strategies to prevent degeneration of neurons and to promote a healthy nervous system is, thus, critical. The development of pharmacological agents that would increase production of new neurons was recently facilitated by the identification of the hormonal regulators of various steps of adult neurogenesis.
The proposed book is writen by a group of top world experts involved in the study of the mechanisms of hormonal control of brain damage and repair. The effects of thyroid and steroid hormones (estrogens, androgens, progestins, gluco-mineralo-corticoids, various neurosteroids) or polypeptide hormones (CRF, urocortins, somatostastin, GH/IGF, leptin, prolactin, PACAP, erythropoetin) on neuronal survival and neurogenesis in various neurodegenerative conditions and in brain aging will be discussed in detail. The proposed book is unique because it gives a comprehensive account of the neuroprotective and neurogenic effects of steroid and polypeptide hormones. Furthermore, new pharmacological approaches for treatment of neurodegenerative conditions are presented, based on the neuroprotective and neurogenic properties of natural and synthetic hormones.


Interactions of estradiol and insulin-like growth factor-I in neuroprotection: implications for brain aging and neurodegeneration (Mar?a-Angeles Ar?valo, Luis M. Garcia-Segura and Inigo Azcoitia)
Structure-nongenomic neuroprotection relationship of estrogens and estrogen-derived compounds (James W. Simpkins, Kun Don Yi, Evelyn Perez and Douglas Covey)

Progestins and Neuroprotection: Why the choice of progestin matters (Meharvan Singh)
Endogenous and synthetic neurosteroids in treatment of Niemann-Pick Type C disease (Synthia H. Mellon, Wenhui Gong and Marcus D. Schonemann)

Glucocorticoids, developmental “programming” and the risk of affective dysfunction (Bayanne Olabi and Jonathan Seckl)
Regulation of structural plasticity and neurogenesis during stress and diabetes; protective effects of glucocorticoid receptor antagonists (Paul J. Lucassen, Carlos P. Fitzsimons, Erno Vreugdenhil, Pu Hu, Charlotte Oomen, Yanina Revsin, Marian Joels and E. Ron De Kloet)

Neuroactive steroids and peripheral neuropathy (Roberto C. Melcangi, Silvia Giatti, Marzia Pesaresi, Donatella Caruso and Marc J. Tetel)
Neuroprotective and neurogenic properties of dehydroepiandrosterone and its synthetic analogs (Ioannis Charalampopoulos, Iakovos Lazaridis and Achille Gravanis)
Neurosteroids and pain (Christine Patte-Mensah, Laurence Meyer, V?ronique Schaeffer, Cherkaouia Kibaly and Ayikoe G. Mensah-Nyagan)

The insulin /
IGF-1 system in neurodegeneration and neurovascular disease (Przemyslaw (Mike) Sapieha and Lois Smith)
Leptin Neuroprotection in Central Nervous System (Feng Zhang, Suping Wang, Armando P. Signore Zhongfang Weng and Jun Chen)
Somatostatin and neuroprotection in retina (Kyriaki Thermos)
Neurotrophic effects of PACAP in the cerebellar cortex (Anthony Falluel-Morel, Hubert Vaudry, Hitoshi Komuro, Dariusz C Gorecki, Ludovic Galas and David Vaudry)
The corticotropin releasing hormone in neuroprotection (Christian Behl and Angela Clement)
Neuroprotective and neurogenic effects of erythropoietin (Helmar C. Lehmann and Ahmet H?ke)

Thyroid hormone actions on glioma cells (Min Zhou, Harold K. Kimelberg, Faith B. Davis, Paul J. Davis)
Gonadal hormones, neurosteroids and clinical progestins as neurogenic regenerative agents: Therapeutic implications (Lifei Liu and Roberta Diaz Brinton)
Progestins: Obligatory developmental functions from embryogenesis through to the adult brain (Craig S. Atwood and Sivan Vadakkadath Meethal)
Human neural progenitor cells: mitotic and neurogenic effects of growth factors, neurosteroids, and excitatory amino acids (Masatoshi Suzuki, Jacalyn McHugh and Narisorn Kitiyanant)
Corticosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone and neurogenesis in the adult hippocampus (Joe Herbert and Scarlett B. Pinnock)