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Hot Topics in Human Reproduction. Ethics, Law and Society

Part of the book series: Reproductive Medicine for Clinicians (REMECL, volume 3)

ISBN: 9783031249051
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Part of the book series: Reproductive Medicine for Clinicians (REMECL, volume 3)

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This new volume in the Reproductive Medicine for Clinicians series of the International Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR) focuses on current hot topics in the field, their ethical and legal aspects and their impact on society.

It covers topics such as Covid-19, religious and philosophical controversies, possibilities that new technologies offer, human reproductive cloning problems, future challenges related to the heritable gene editing, therapeutic use of stem cells and stem cell factors and the role of receptors in steroids hormone action.

This volume also offers an analysis of important innovations and new possibilities such as the use of artificial intelligence in reproductive medicine and the future of prenatal testing. The volume also discusses the issues of pregnancies in advanced paternal age, ethical and legal aspects of gametes donation, sex preselection, surrogate motherhood and infertility in overweight or obese PCOS patients. Chapters on the ethical and legal aspects of fertility preservation in woman, in children with cancer, and in patients sparing treatments in gynecological oncology are also included.

This new volume in the series is a valuable resource for gynecologists, obstetricians, endocrinologists, general practitioners and all specialists dealing with reproductive health.