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How the Child’s Mind Develops

ISBN: 9781032602523
ISBN: 9781032602523
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How do we get from helpless baby to knowing teenager? What impact do iPads, social media, video games, and evolving technology have on the way children’s minds develop?

How we learn to think, perceive, remember, talk, reason, and learn is a central topic in psychology – and one that sees constant new research. How the Child’s Mind Develops discusses the latest studies and covers all the controversies that have dogged the subject for nearly 150 years. David Cohen examines the fundamental issues of how children learn to read and write, of how their intellectual abilities are measured and the development of their morality. This fully updated Fourth Edition incorporates issues of cultural differences in brain development and skin to skin contact, and how they effect development, addiction to social media, the effect of trauma and stress, and emotional development.

This book is an integrated and thought-provoking account of the central issues in child development. Students, parents, and professionals will find it an invaluable introduction.


1. The Developing Brain
2. Skin to Skin Contact and How That Affects Development
3. Jean Piaget’s Work
4. Lev Vygotsky’s Work
5. Children’s Sense of Morality and Justice
6. The Diary of Interactions by a Mother and Her Daughter
7. How Children Become Aware of Other Minds
8. Addiction to Social Media
9. Memory
10. How Well We Measure Children’s Cognitive Development
11. Nature Versus Nurture
12. Schooling
13. Toys, Games, Sex and Other Necessities