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Imaging Atlas of Ophthalmic Tumors and Diseases

ISBN: 9783031174810
ISBN: 9783031174810
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This atlas describes an array of tumors and diseases that affect the orbit and associated cranial nerves. Often lacking in radiology residency and fellowship training is teaching of the anatomy of the orbit and cranial nerves, as well as the imaging appearance of orbital tumors and diseases that affect these regions. This atlas fills this gap of knowledge with tumors and diseases encountered and treated at MD Anderson Cancer Center, providing a review of the imaging anatomy and the appearance of the tumors and diseases that should aid in formatting a differential diagnosis.


The text consists of ten chapters divided into separate anatomic sections followed by an eleventh chapter describing the treated orbit and tumor recurrence. Each of the first ten chapters begins with a description of the relevant anatomy, labeled CT and MRI images and drawings to highlight important anatomic considerations. 


This is an ideal guide for practicing general radiologists, neuroradiologists and trainees, as well as ophthalmologists, head and neck surgeons, neurosurgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, and pathologists who interpret or review orbital images as part of their daily practice.