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Improving University Mental Health

ISBN: 9781911623830
ISBN: 9781911623830
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In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the midst of global economic turmoil, university students and staff face unprecedented challenges to their mental-wellbeing. With a focus on the UK experience, this book presents a thorough examination of the mental health challenges faced in university communities. Key topics covered include the role of alcohol, social media, and financial pressures, as well as specific challenges presented by ethnicity and gender. The book draws on case studies and media extracts to demonstrate the reality of mental health within universities in the current climate, and includes practice points and suggestions for action to improve policy going forward. This is a much-needed handbook for mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and GPs, social support workers and counsellors, as well as teaching staff, students and parents.

  • Written in an engaging style with a host of vignettes and extracts, making it an accessible read
  • Includes stand-alone chapters on specific topics, making it suitable as a quick reference to access piecemeal
  • Each chapter ends with key practice points and suggestions for action, meaning the reader is not only made aware of issues but is also guided to appropriate strategies and support


1. Introducing this handbook
2. Building a new sense of belonging: the transition from school to university
3. Transition to university for the new student with a pre-existing mental condition
4. The Role of Parents and Carers
5. Healthy bodies, body image concerns, eating disorders
6. Alcohol
7. Substance misuse
8. Social (and anti-social) media: are universities in competition with an invisible ‘virtual’ curriculum? 9. Finance and mental health
10. Neurodiversity – the autistic spectrum and ADHD
11. Ethnically diverse university communities: challenges for students & staff from Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic backgrounds
12. Sexual behaviour and gender identity in universities
13. The mental health of teaching and academic staff
14. An overview of mental disorders in students and staff
15. The ‘psychotic’ disorders schizophrenia & bipolar
16. Mood disorders: depression and anxiety
17. Suicide at university
18. Mental health services on campus and in the NHS
19. Students of the Professions and Fitness to practise issues
20. Summing it all up.