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Impulse. The Science of Sex and Desire

ISBN: 9781009107976
ISBN: 9781009107976
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Sex is everywhere in modern society, yet it remains taboo. We all have questions about sex that are too uncomfortable to ask – how do we get reliable answers? In this go-to guide Drs Grant and Chamberlain use their clinical expertise to answer the questions you wish you could ask about sex. Questions like: Is my sex drive or sex behavior normal? Can someone have too much sex? Or too little? How has Internet dating and pornography changed sex? This go-to guide will help you understand common sexual issues, know when to worry (or not) about different sexual behaviors, and learn how our sex lives adapt to changing technology or in times of crisis. It also provides step-by-step advice for dealing with a range of sexual issues, and practical strategies for strengthening relationships.

  • Examines the latest clinical and neuroscience evidence and offers an accurate and informed understanding of sex
  • Real-life stories aid understanding of sexual experiences that are common but rarely talked about
  • Provides practical advice for a variety of sexual issues, helping people to understand the diverse nature of sex, when to worry (or not) and how to seek help about sexual issues when they occur


1. Introduction
2. Sex and Desire
3. Development Issues Around Sex
4. Healthy Sex
5. Too Little Sex
6. Too Much Sex
7. Sex and Physical Health
8. Drinking, Drugs, and Sex
9. Relationship Problems
10. Sex and Digital Technology
11. Diverse Aspects of Sex
12. Sex and Pandemics
Appendix – List of Resources