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Infectious Diseases Manual

ISBN: 9780632064175
ISBN: 9780632064175

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The Infectious Diseases Manual is a concise and up-to-date guide to infectious diseases, medical microbiology and antibiotic prescribing

    • Invaluable source of reference for day-to-day clinical use
    • Integrated information about clinical infectious diseases, microbiology and antibiotic prescribing
    • Clear and systematic layout using a standard format for each section allowing rapid access to key information


Section I: Introduction.

1. Introduction.

Section II: Clinical Infectious Diseases.

2. Upper respiratory tract infections.

3. Lower respiratory tract infections.

4. Mycobacteria and mycobacterial infections.

5. Cardiac infections.

6. Gastrointestinal infections.

7. Hepatitis.

8. Urinary tract infection (UTI).

9. Gynecological and obstetric infections,.

10. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

11. CNS infections.

12. Eye infections.

13. Skin infections.

14. Bone and joint infections.

15. Paediatric infections.

16. Human immune deficiency virus (HIV).

17. Infections in the immunocompromised host.

18. Fever.

19. Septic Shock.

Section III: Tropical and Travel Medicine.

20. Pre-travel advice.

21. Tropical medicine and the returning traveler.

22. Protozoa.

23. Helminths.

Section IV: Microbiology.

24. Staphylococci.

25. Streptococci and their relatives.

26. Aerobic Gram-positive rods.

27. Coliforms (syn. enterobacteria, Enterobacteriaceae).

28. Vibrios.

29. Campylobacters.

30. Pseudomonads.

31. Fastidious Gram-negative organism.

32. Anaerobes.

33. Spirochaetes.

34. Mycoplasmas, Chlamydias and rickettsias.

35. Virology.

36. Fungi.

Section V: Antibiotic Therapy.

37. Antibiotics: Theory, usage and abuse.

38. Antibiotics: Classification and dosing guidelines.

Appendix 1: Bioterrorism agents.

Appendix 2: Immunization schedule.