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Infertility in Practice 5th Edition

ISBN: 9780367557447
ISBN: 9780367557447
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This text has been written as a practical guide, based on the author’s experience over the last 40 years of daily clinical practice and aiming to place the modern approach to the management of infertility in the context of sound theory and evidence-based therapy. It provides the reader with a comprehensive classification of the causes of infertility, their investigation, and their management. This new edition covers many advances in the understanding and management of infertility and other updates to practice–for example, a greater understanding of the pathophysiology of ovarian aging and ovarian reserve testing; the classification of disorders of ovulation and management of polycystic ovary syndrome; the refinement of regimens for superovulation, improved embryo culture systems, and the use of artificial intelligence for the selection of embryos; assessments for endometrial receptivity and management of recurrent implantation failure; pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) as a therapeutic tool opening up the possibility for aneuploidy screening; as well as the latest thoughts on nutritional health, periconception care, and the exciting new world of the microbiome.



Richard S. Legro


About the Author

1. Epidemiology of Infertility, 21st-Century Considerations and the Covid-19 Pandemic

2. Prevention of Infertility

3. Planning a Pregnancy and Preconception Care

4. Obesity and Reproduction

5 Investigating Infertility

6. Anovulatory Infertility and Ovulation Induction

7. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

8. Premature Ovarian Insufficiency and Oocyte Donation

9. Endometriosis

10. Tubal Infertility, Fibroids and Uterine Factors

11. Male Factor Infertility

12. Unexplained Infertility

13. Fertilisation

14. Fertility Preservation

15. Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing and Emerging Technologies

16. Complications of Ovarian Stimulation

17. Counselling and Modern Families

18. Ethical and Religious Issues

19. Health Outcomes of Children Born after Assisted Conception

20. Miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy

21. Recurrent Miscarriage and Recurrent Implantation Failure

22. Alternative Therapies and “Add-Ons”

23. When to Stop Treatment and Other Options

Appendix: Daily Vitamin and Mineral Requirements (See Chapter 3)

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