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Intern Tips in Internal Medicine

ISBN: 9789386056726
ISBN: 9789386056726

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“Intern Tips in Internal Medicine” aims to provide physicians still in training, physicians-in-practice and medical students with a quick reference for commonly seen inpatient issues. This book serves as a reference and a simple starting point to assist in making initial decisions. The book “Intern Tips in Internal Medicine” contains the information to cover common inpatient cases seen in internal medicine, family medicine, intensive care unit (ICU) as well as inpatient surgery rounds. Admission orders, progress notes and discharge summary examples are included to help the physicians/physicians in training focus on the points needed in each note. The book “Intern Tips in Internal Medicine” is organized by organ system and addresses wide differential diagnosis concerns and specific diagnostic work-ups for common patients presentation. This book is comprised total 12 chapters. This book provides lucid and comprehensive understanding on the general section, cardiac section, pulmonary section, blood pressure section, gastrointestinal section, renal section, neurology section, endocrine section, infectious disease section, hematology section, fluids, electrolytes and nutrition section and a miscellaneous section.