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Introduction to Limb Arthrology 1st Edition

ISBN: 9789814877992
ISBN: 9789814877992
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This book discusses arthrology in general and of the upper and lower limbs specifically. It covers the examination of each joint of both limbs, considering their basic anatomy and physiology. It presents the various tests required for examining the joints and articulations and the systematic approaches that should be followed in cases of diagnosis of diseases and injuries related to them as well as in specific cases of disease and injuries. The book also defines special tests required in varied situations and mentions precautions that should be taken while examining patients of specific ages or work groups. To simplify the explanation and promote education, original photographs either documented during clinical examination of the foot and ankle or taken using models are used in this book. These photographs are from accomplished orthopedic surgeons and have not been documented anywhere before. In addition, some chapters showcase line diagrams, sketched to illustratively discuss the information being presented. The book will help readers understand the importance of this expanding sub-specialty in orthopedics and will be useful for orthopedic surgeons taking exams in different universities of the world as well as sub-speciality exams of each joint.


I. Introduction to General Arthrology

1. Examination of the Shoulder

2. Examination of the Elbow

3. Examination of the Wrist and Hand (Fingers)

II. Introduction to Lower Limb Arthrology

4. Examination of the Hip and the Pelvis

5. Examination of the Knee

6. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries of the Knee

7. Examination of the Foot and Ankle

8. Examination of the Foot

9. Uncommon Injuries of the Limbs