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Introduction to Medical Physics

ISBN: 9781138742833
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This textbook provides an accessible introduction to the basic principles of medical physics, the applications of medical physics equipment, and the role of a medical physicist in healthcare.

Introduction to Medical Physics is designed to support undergraduate and graduate students taking their first modules on a medical physics course, or as a dedicated book for specific modules such as medical imaging and radiotherapy. It is ideally suited for new teaching schemes such as Modernising Scientific Careers and will be invaluable for all medical physics students worldwide.

Key features:

    • Written by an experienced and senior team of medical physicists from highly respected institutions
    • The first book written specifically to introduce medical physics to undergraduate and graduate physics students
    • Provides worked examples relevant to actual clinical situations


Chapter 1. Introducton

Perry Sprawls

Chapter 2. Radiation Interaction and Dosimetry

Charles Deehan, Renato Padovani

Chapter 3. Ionising Radiation Detector

Elizabeth Benson

Chapter 4. Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation

Michele Avanzo, Cornelius Lewis

Chapter 5. Introduction to diagnostic Radiology (X-ray) Imaging

Slavik Tabakov, Paola Bregant

Chapter 6. Nuclear Medicine Imaging

Elena De Ponti, Luciano Bertocchi

Chapter 7. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Stephen Keevil, Renata Longo

Chapter 8. Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy

Raffaele Novario, Sabina Strocchi

Chapter 9. External Beam Radiotherapy

Tony Greener, Emma Jones, Christopher Thomas

Chapter 10. Brachytherapy

Mauro Carrara, Francesco Ziglio

Chapter 11. Molecular Radiotherapy

Lidia Strigari

Chapter 12. Optical and Laser Techniques

Elizabeth Benson, Fiammetta Fedele

Chapter 13. Ionising Radiation Protection

Cornelius Lewis, Jim Thurston

Chapter 14. Image Display, Analysis and Communication

Andy King

Chapter 15. Emerging Techniques

Luigi Rigon, Michele Avanzo, Tony Greener, Slavik Tabakov