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Introduction to Psychiatry

Preclinical Foundations and Clinical Essentials

ISBN: 9780521279840

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Preclinical Foundations and Clinical Essentials

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The current global crisis in mental health has seen psychiatry assume an increasingly integral role in healthcare. This comprehensive and accessible textbook provides an evidence-based foundation in psychiatry for medical students and serves as an excellent refresher for all mental health professionals. Written by medical school faculty and experts in the field, with comprehensive coverage from neurobiology to population health, this essential textbook is an invaluable guide to the evaluation, treatment and current understanding of the major disorders in psychiatry. The book introduces the basics of clinical assessment and all major modalities of evidence based treatment, along with topics often not covered adequately in textbooks such as gender and sexuality, and global mental health. Chapters are complemented by easy to navigate tables, self-assessment questions, and a short bibliography of recommended reading. An essential resource for medical students, trainees, and other medical professionals seeking a clear and comprehensive introduction to psychiatry.

  • Uses DSM 5 diagnoses to offer the most up to date diagnostic framework and outlines elements of psychiatric assessment and treatment, providing medical students and other trainees with essentials they need on clinical rotations
  • Provides a perspective that extends from the neurobiology to society by placing clinical psychiatry within the larger context of neuroscience and population health
  • Addresses trending subjects including transgender health, rapidly acting antidepressants, and global health, portraying the dynamic frontiers of psychiatry in medicine