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Irwin & Rippe’s Ultrasonography for Management of the Critically Ill

ISBN: 9781975144951

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Enhancing and adding to ultrasonographic text and video content in Irwin & Rippes Intensive Care Medicine, Eighth Edition, this easy-to-follow volume provides expert guidance on the optimal use of ultrasound in the critical care environment. Irwin & Rippes Ultrasonography for Management of the Critically Ill covers a wide variety of critical care procedures, explaining how to perform them and how ultrasound can be used to support evaluation and management services to patients with life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

  • Covers commonly performed procedures, including neurological, airway and respiratory, cardiac, vascular and hematological, gastrointestinal and abdominal, genitourinary, and peripheral.
  • Features sections on the general use of ultrasonography and patient comfort during procedures.
  • Includes illustrations, plus dynamic, highly instructive videos that help you perform rapid bedside diagnostic evaluation of unstable patients.
  • Ideal for critical care practitioners, fellows, and nurses, as well as other critical care clinicians who seek to incorporate ultrasonography into their practices.

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