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K-Wiring. Principles and Techniques

ISBN: 9789390553624
ISBN: 9789390553624
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Kirschner wires are sterilized, sharpened, smooth stainless steel pins/wires used in orthopedic surgery as implants. K-wire implants are extremely versatile in their usage and can treat fractures of various kinds in most of the bones from finger tips to toes. This book is the first of its kind in demonstrating the effective execution of K-wiring procedures through a lucid, case-based format. Practical guide and invaluable reference Detailed coverage of latest techniques and procedures for operating fractures with the help of K-wires Thorough descriptions of complexities encountered in all regions of the body Discussion of many cases with their management protocols Guidance for correcting mismanaged cases by using K-wires Excellent quality images with textual description that facilitate better relatability Extensive use of original patient photographs, radiographs, and skillfully created illustrations,

Overwhelming response to the first edition and compelling needs of the practicing orthopedic surgeon and the plastic, hand, and microvascular surgeon have seeded the way for the second edition of K-Wiring: Principles and Techniques. This efficient revision of the book includes various case scenarios with updated and extended indications and techniques.

Plenty of new, quality illustrations have been added, covering most of the common and uncommon scenarios. This book will equip every reader to treat the gamut of extremity fractures amenable to treatment with K-wires. It demonstrates the different ways of K-wiring by direct and indirect fixations.

Key Features

Video demonstrations of common orthopedic K-wire procedures have been added to help and guide the surgeon practically and visualize the key aspects of an operation.
General principles with clear concepts and thorough understanding with tips to perform the procedure are given in each chapter.
New topics and images have been added in chapters on hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, and foot; major revisions being for the hand and wrist fractures, with clinical examples for almost every possible scenario.
Pediatric fractures and their K-wire application have been included in most of the chapters.