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Key Topics in Perinatal Mental Health

ISBN: 9783030918347
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The book offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of key issues in perinatal mental health. Classic topics such as screening, assessment, pharmacological, psychological and psychosocial interventions of the most common conditions (depression, anxiety disorders, etc.) are combined with lesser known issues, such as mother-infant relationship disorders or thoughts of infant-related harm and aggressive behaviors, sleep disturbances in puerperium, obsessional disorders, fetal death etc., paying particular attention to specific groups of perinatal patients like mothers with cancer, adolescents, fathers, migrants, and preterm babies. The chapters written by health professionals working in hospitals, community services or voluntary agencies alternate with contributions from researchers whose fields of expertise include biology and neuroscience, diagnosis and special needs, treatment and prognosis, etc., striking a balance between scientific investigation and clinical practice.
The book offers a valuable tool for a wide range of professionals like psychiatrists, psychologists, gynecologists, midwives, oncologists, pediatricians, and social workers, who want to improve their clinical practice and the effectiveness of their treatment pathways using evidence from perinatal health research.