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Key Trials in Intensive Care Medicine. Passing the Final FFICM

ISBN: 9781032743271
ISBN: 9781032743271
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This essential guide encompasses over 160 pivotal papers critical for doctors preparing for postgraduate exams in intensive care, interviews, or commencing an intensive care rotation. Chosen for their educational merit and significant influence on Intensive Care Medicine, these key trials, studies, and meta-analyses are distilled into succinct, easy-to-read summaries.

The guide steers clear of intricate numerical details and statistical analyses, concentrating instead on the core information necessary to comprehend the significance of these influential papers. Tailored specifically for the OSCE and SOE components of exams like the Final FFICM and EDIC, it provides concise summaries and key results, focusing on the most crucial information for exam success.

Serving as a resource that underpins the evidence base of contemporary intensive care clinical practice, these summaries are an indispensable tool for both exam preparation and ongoing professional development in Intensive Care Medicine.


Chapter 1: Airway, Breathing, Chapter 2: Cardiovascular, Resuscitation, Shock, Chapter 3: Neurology, Sedation, Chapter 4: Gastrointestinal, Liver, Nutrition, Chapter 5: Renal, Chapter 6: Haematology, Chapter 7: Infection, Antimicrobial therapy, Chapter 8: Pregnancy And Post-Partum, Chapter 9: Rehabilitation