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Kinesiology for the Occupational Therapy Assistant

Essential Components of Function and Movement

ISBN: 9781630912741
ISBN: 9781630912741

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Essential Components of Function and Movement

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Kinesiology for the Occupational Therapy Assistant: Essential Components of Function and Movement, Second Edition approaches the study of kinesiology by connecting function to the underlying components that make movement possible. Jeremy Keough, Susan Sain, and Carolyn Roller present a text that makes learning and retaining information easier for students through application.

A top-down approach, based on the AOTAs Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, Third Edition is used to allow the student to see the big picture and then guides them to understand what fundamental kinesiological functions may be causing limitations or decreased engagement in daily activities.

Benefits and Features:

New chapters on kinesiology and therapeutic exercise, as well as functional mobility in the home and community

Upper extremity information is divided into four chapters for enhanced learning; information presented addresses function across the lifespan

Occupational profiles describing actual client conditions at the beginning of several chapters

Occupation/real-life based activities and questions at the end of each chapter

Emphasis on function and identification of how and why movement occurs

Multiple tables and figures to enhance learning

Call out boxes that highlight and clarify key concepts

A seamless integration of theory, fact, and practice

Selected standardized tests, pinch and grip strength, and range of motion norms

Glossary of terms and expanded

Web resources

Instructors materials include PowerPoint presentations, student study guides, and a test bank

Format: Paperback

Dimensions 279 x 216