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Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System: Foundations for Rehabilitation

Foundations for Rehabilitation

ISBN: 9780323287531
ISBN: 9780323287531

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Foundations for Rehabilitation

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With its focus on the normal and abnormal mechanical interactions between the muscles and joints of the body, Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System: Foundations for Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition provides a foundation for the practice of physical rehabilitation. This comprehensive, research-based core text presents kinesiology as it relates to physical rehabilitation in a clinically relevant and accessible manner. It provides students and clinicians with the language of human movement — and acts as a bridge between basic science and clinical management. Full-color anatomic and kinesiologic illustrations clearly demonstrate the anatomy, functional movement, and biomechanical principles underlying movement; and dynamic new video clips help you interpret new concepts with visual demonstration.


  • More than 900 high-quality illustrations provide you with the visual accompaniments you need to comprehend the material.
  • Clinical Connections boxes at the end of each chapter in Sections II through IV highlight or expand upon a particular clinical concept associated with the kinesiology covered in the chapter.
  • Special Focus boxes interspersed throughout the text provide numerous clinical examples that demonstrate why kinesiologic information is needed.
  • Critical thinking questions challenge you to review or reinforce the main concepts contained within each chapter.
  • Evidence-based approach emphasizes the importance of research in physical therapy decision-making.
  • Evolve site for students comes with video clips, answers to study questions, and references linked to Medline.
  • Evolve site for instructors includes an image collection from the text, teaching tips, and lab activities.
New To This Edition:

  • NEW! Kinesiology of Running chapter covers the biomechanics of running.
  • NEW! Video clips help you interpret new concepts with visual demonstration.
  • NEW! All-new content on the pelvic floor.
  • NEW! Thoroughly updated references emphasize the evidence-based presentation of information in the text.
  • NEW! QR codes linked to videos for easy viewing on mobile devices.
  • NEW! Pageburst enhanced edition allows you to access multimedia content from the eBook without going to another website.

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Pages: 784 Illus: Approx. 1840 illustrations (1840 in full color) Size: 222 X 281 mm Product Type: Hardcover


Section I: Essential Topics of Kinesiology
1. Getting Started
2. Basic Structure and Function of Human Joints
3. Muscle: The Ultimate Force Generator in the Body
4. Biomechanical Principles
App I: Trigonometry Review and Additional Biomechanical Problems
Section II: Upper Extremity
5. Shoulder Complex
6. Elbow and Forearm
7. The Wrist
8. The Hand
App II: Reference Materials for Muscle Attachments and Innervation of the Upper Extremity
Section III: Axial Skeleton
9. Axial Skeleton: Osteology and Arthrology
10. Axial Skeleton: Muscle and Joint Interactions
11. Miscellaneous Topics in Kinesiology (tentative title – will include mastication, ventilation, and pelvic floor)
App III: Reference Materials for Muscle Attachments and Innervation of the Axial Skeleton
Section IV: Lower Extremity
12. Hip
13. Knee
14. Ankle and Foot
15. Kinesiology of Walking
16. NEW! Kinesiology of Running
App IV: Reference Materials for Muscle Attachments and Innervation of the Lower Extremity