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Lanthanide and Other Transition Metal Ion Complexes and Nanoparticles in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

ISBN: 9781032438368
ISBN: 9781032438368
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Since the development of the first clinical MRI contrast agent, Gd(DTPA) (or Magnevist®) in the early 1980s, another three linear and three macrocyclic (eg. Gd(DOTA) (Dotarem®) have been introduced in the clinic and inspired a huge number of researchers worldwide to perform preclinical research to obtain contrast agents for many kinds of clinical applications, which are described in this book. The most current research has been assembled here and can be used by the scientific community to continue increasing the relevance of metal-containing molecules and nanomaterials for MRI-based diagnosis and thus increase the practical use of these systems.

  • Presents the importance of metal-containing molecules and nanomaterials for MRI-based diagnosis and the practical use of these systems.
  • Discusses the structure and dynamics of Ln-based contrast agents as well as computational studies related to these agents.
  • Endorses and stimulates research in the vibrant field of biological inorganic chemistry.
  • Reviews the most current research supporting the relevance of metal-containing molecules and nanomaterials for diagnosis and therapy.
  • The authors are preeminent bioinorganic and medicinal inorganic chemists and review the most current research in this field.


Chapter 1 Synthesis and Characterization of Ligands and Their Gd(III) Complexes

Raphaël Tripier, Maryline Beyler


Chapter 2 PARASHIFT Systems: Including 19F Effects

Peter Harvey


Chapter 3 Targeted MRI Contrast Agents

Alexander G. Sertage, Md. Sydul Islam, and Matthew J. Allen


Chapter 4 Responsive MRI Contrast Agents

Luke A. Marchetti, Manon Isaac, Célia S. Bonnet


Chapter 5 Mn-Based Small Complexes as MRI Contrast Agents

Zoltán Garda, Sara Lacerda and Éva Tóth


Chapter 6 Other First-Row Transition Metal-Based Complexes as MRI Contrast Agents

Janet R. Morrow and Jaclyn J. Raymond


Chapter 7 Lanthanide-based paramagnetic chemical exchange saturation transfer (paraCEST) agents for MRI

A. Dean Sherry & Mark Woods


Chapter 8 LipoCEST and Similar Systems

Silvio Aime and Enzo Terreno


Chapter 9 Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide and Ferrite Nanoparticles for MRI

Thomas Vangijzegem, Levy Van Leuven, Dimitri Stanicki, Robert N. Muller, Sophie Laurent


Chapter 10 Ln-based particles as MRI contrast agents

Joop A. Peters and Kristina Djanashvili


Chapter 11 Manganese and Iron Based Nanoparticles as MRI Contrast Agents

Fabio Carniato, Lorenzo Tei, and Carlos F,G. C. Geraldes


Chapter 12 Advances in PET/MRI and Probe Development for Biomedical Precision Imaging Applications

Jan Kretschmer, Juan Pellico, Angelina Prytula-Kurkunova, Rafael Torres Martin De Rosales, Andre Ferreira Martins