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Latest Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Women-Associated Cancers 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032196367
ISBN: 9781032196367
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There has been tremendous progress in cancer diagnosis and treatment methodologies, and this book focuses on major cancers of the cervix, breast, endometrium, and the associated reproductive system affecting women. It focuses on specific diagnostic techniques and treatment strategies including computational tools, Nanomedicine, and the use of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and other latest techniques, including the evolution of these treatments over the years. Oncologists, cancer scientists, and professionals will find using the content on cutting-edge interventions by experts in their field, significantly improving earlier diagnosis and treatment options.

Key Features:
• Helps to improve quality of life after treatment as the focus of healthcare is shifting from curative methods to primary prevention of diseases, screening methods and early detection and treatment.
• Appeals to clinicians and residents interested in exploring cutting-edge technology for early diagnoses and treatment of women associated cancers.
• Features a chapter on the Clinician’s perspective on advanced diagnostic and treatment methods.




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1. Overview of Traditional Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment for Women-Associated Cancers

Malika Ranjan, Namyaa Kumar, Safiya Arfi and Shazia Rashid

2. Cancer Drugs and Treatment Formulations for Women-Associated Cancers

Reetika Arora and Pawan K. Maurya

3. Imaging as an Important Tool for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Priyanka Mudaliar, Shafina Siddiqui, Sangeeta Ballav, Narrayan Raam Shankar, Soumya Basu and Jyotirmoi Aich

4. Use of Immunotherapy in Gynaecological and Breast Cancer

Showket Hussain, Sandeep Sisodiya, Vishakha Kasherwal, Sonam Tulsyan and Asiya Khan

5. Computational Drug Discovery and Development Along With Their Applications in the Treatment of Women-Associated Cancers

Rahul Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Harsh Goel, Somorjit Singh Ningombam and Pranay Tanwar viii Contents

6. Advances in Nanotechnology for Treatment of Women-Specific Cancers

Smriti Arora, Ananya Bishnoi, Gunjan Vasant Bonde and Ashish Mathur

7. Identifying Breast Cancer Treatment Biomarkers Using Transcriptomics

Ashfaq Ali Mir

8. Integrating CADD and Herbal Informatics Approach to Explore Potential Drug Candidates Against HPV E Associated With Cervical Cancer

Arushi Verma, Jyoti Bala, Navkiran Kaur and Anupama Avasthi

9. Advances in Big Data and Machine Learning in Cancer Detection in Women-Associated Cancers

Dhaval Kumar Srivastava, Aditya Vikram Singh and Ankur Saxena

10. Clinicians’ Perspective in the Use and Adaptability of the Latest Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment for Cancers in Women

Umme Abiha and Charu Sharma