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Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 8th ed

ISBN: 9781319381493
ISBN: 9781319381493
Εκδόσεις: W.H.Freeman

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The authoritative reference written with a framework for understanding.

Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 8e continues to help students navigate the complex discipline of biochemistry with a clear and coherent presentation.  Renowned authors David Nelson, Michael Cox, and new co-author Aaron Hoskins have focused this eighth edition around the fundamental principles to help students understand and navigate the most important aspects of biochemistry.  Text features and digital resources in the new Achieve platform emphasize this focus on the principles, while coverage of recent discoveries and the most up-to-date research provide fascinating context for learning the dynamic discipline of biochemistry.

  • This edition has been fully updated for focus, approachability, up-to-date content and to efficiently support student study. New and updated end-of-chapter questions are all available in the Achieve problem library with error-specific feedback and thorough solutions.  These questions went through a rigorous development process to ensure they were robust, engaging and accurate.
  • All content has been streamlined so the text is focused on what is most important and useful to modern students and for future reference, and organized around principles for better understanding, providing a new learning path for students, through the emphasis on the fundamental principles of biochemistry.
  • This edition has also been streamlined for easier navigation. This is evident in the new, vibrant design which improves navigation through the content, and the carefully trimmed topics and subtopics to emphasize crucial content, resulting in shorter chapters and an overall reduction in book length, as based on extensive user feedback.