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Low Invasive Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

ISBN: 9789811667329
ISBN: 9789811667329
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This book demonstrates the significance of minimally invasive extracorporeal circulation and reduced time as two of the most important factors for pediatric cardiac surgery and early postoperative recovery. The content is divided into three major thematic sections: low invasiveness; pitfalls and countermeasures before, during and after operations; and suggestions on time-saving and team building. Abundant figures aid in comprehension, while videos of the surgery offer practical insights for readers at all levels. Advances in extracorporeal circulation devices and management have led to new clinical problems such as decreased perfusion pressure, high pressures in oxygenators, and changes in acid-base equilibrium. The book explains these problems both clinically and experimentally, and describes countermeasures.

Low Invasive Pediatric Cardiac Surgery provides valuable evidence and practical suggestions for all surgeons, perfusionists, scrub-nurses, and anesthesiologists who are engaged in pediatric cardiac surgery. It will also appeal to pediatric cardiologists and medical device manufacturers. The book is intended to share the author’s experience and actual data with readers who have clinical experience, and to help prepare beginners.