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Making Sense of the ICD-11 For Mental Health Professionals

ISBN: 9781009182249
ISBN: 9781009182249
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The 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) is now published and all countries of the world will be asked to implement it in practice. The ICD-11 has made significant revisions to the classification of mental health disorders, which have real-world implications for clinical practice. This volume provides a clear overview of the major changes to the main psychiatric classifications that will have an impact on clinicians in their day-to-day practice. Each chapter is authored by an authority in the field, who has also been involved in the revision to the classification. The book also covers disorders that have been newly added to the ICD-11, such as Gaming Disorder, Binge-Eating Disorder, Complex PTSD, Prolonged Grief Disorder and more. This is an essential text for mental health professionals internationally, to help them make sense of the new classification, and how best to put it in to practice.

  • A key text for mental health professionals internationally, to help them navigate this new classification
  • The book is structured to be clinically focused and highly relevant to practice
  • Authored by leading experts in the relevant fields, all of whom were involved in the revisions of the classifications for the ICD-11


Introduction Peter Tyrer
1. Development and Innovation in the ICD-11 Chapter on Mental, Behavioural or Neurodevelopmental Disorders Geoffrey Reed
2. ICD-11 + DSM-5 = A Diagnostic Babel Allen Frances
3. Schizophrenia and other primary psychotic disorders Wolfgang Gaebel and Eva Salveridou-Hof
4. Mood Disorders Gin S. Malhi and Erica Bell
5. Disorders Specifically Associated with Stress Chris R. Brewin and Andreas Maercker
6. Disorders due to Substance Use John B Saunders
7. Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders M. Elena Garralda
8. Anxiety and fear-related and obsessive compulsive and related disorders Dan J. Stein, Cary S. Kogan and Christine Lochner
9. Personality disorders Roger Mulder
10. Disorders of intellectual development Sally-Ann Cooper and Cary Kogan
11. Eating Disorders Ulrike Schmidt
12. Mental Health Classifications in Primary Care Christopher Dowrick.