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Management Dilemmas at the Junction of Neurocritical Care and Neurosurgery: What is the Evidence?

ISBN: 9781260143416
ISBN: 9781260143416



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Effectively treat life-threatening diseases of the nervous system using the latest evidence-based information and insights

Covering the most important literature on the topic, Management Dilemmas at the Junction of Neurocritical Care and Neurosurgery provides the latest evidence-based information and insights for improving patient outcomes across various clinical scenarios. It reviews landmark studies over the last 30 years, covering the issues you’re most likely to encounter.

Nearly every study included has been published in the best general medicine peer-reviewed journals and has been highlighted in the lay press upon publication. Most are multi-institutional, prospective, randomized controlled trials that have helped shape modern neurosurgery and neurocritical practice guidelines. Chapters include:

•  Intracerebral Hemorrhage
•  Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
•  Traumatic Brain Injury
•  Status Epilepticus
•  Stroke
•  Neurovascular Neurosurgery
•  Neuro-oncology
•  Spine Injury
•  Functional and Epilepsy Surgery


Section 1: Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine

1. Finding the Answers

2. How to Read a Journal Article

Section 2: Essential Articles in Neurocritical Care and Neurosurgery

3. Intracerebral Hemorrhage

4. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

5. Traumatic Brain Injury

6. Status Epilepticus

7. Stroke

8. Neurovascular Neurosurgery

9. Neuro-oncology

10. Spine Injury

11. Functional and Epilepsy Surgery