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Manual of Aesthetic Surgery

ISBN: 9783540787945
ISBN: 9783540787945

Ημ. Έκδοσης






Κύριος Συγγραφέας

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  • Clearly depicts the most important procedures in aesthetic surgery with the aid of unsurpassed instructive drawings and high-quality pre- and postoperative photographs
  • Includes a number of exciting new methods that represent substantial improvements in the field
  • Identifies potential pitfalls and explains complication management
  • Includes a supporting DVD with new clips that will assist the reader in mastering each technique

This second edition of the highly acclaimed Manual of Aesthetic Surgery again focuses on the most important and most frequently used procedures in aesthetic surgery. All chapters have been updated, and useful tips and tricks have been added. A number of important new methods are included, such as a facial mini lift (M-lift), a mini abdomen procedure, a so-called de-epithelializing method for use in buttock lifts, and liposuction by means of a sophisticated Micro-Air system. All techniques are displayed in a step-by-step manner with unsurpassed instructive drawings and high-quality pre- and postoperative photographs; only as much text is included as is absolutely necessary to support the illustrations. The accompanying DVD has been enhanced by additional new clips. Using the book and the DVD in conjunction, the reader will be able to identify and execute the most appropriate technique in each situation, avoid potential pitfalls, and institute appropriate complication management should it prove necessary.


Photographic Documentation in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.- Informed Consent in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.- Rhinoplasty.- Rhytidectomy.- Eyelid Surgery.- Otoplasty.- Breast Surgery.- Brachioplasty.- Abdominoplasty.- Thigh and Buttock Lift.- Liposuction.- Hair Transplantation.- Adjuvant Therapies, Including Spacelift.- Aesthetic Surgery: Quo Vadis? Prospects.- Recommended Reading.