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Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine

ISBN: 9780198850311
ISBN: 9780198850311
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The Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine is an up-to-date pocket guide for students, trainees, junior cardiologists and even for consultants during clinics and rounds, as well as health professionals such as cardiac nurses providing diagnostic algorhythms, indications for procedures, drug use, and guidelines in a nut shell.

It is succinct, with bullet pointed information and attractive illustrations and flow charts in each chapter, making it a quick and easy reference for everyday use.

  • Up-to-date: The Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine provides physicians with the most recent information and recommendations in heart disease and circulation management.
  • Comprehensive: The Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine offers readers details on any and all cardiovascular conditions.
  • Easy and Rapid Access: The Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine presents the current evidence and recommendations using algorhythms, tables, and figures to illustrate points. This allows rapid and easy access to the most important data required for clinical practice.
  • Format: The pocketbook format makes accessing data on rounds, in the office and during multi-discplinary conferences easy to do.


1:Global Cardiovascular Risk, T.F. Lüscher and J.E. Deanfield
2:Arterial Hypertension, T.F. Lüscher, F. Beuschlein, and I. Sudano
3:Hypertensive Emergency, I. Sudano and M. Hermann
4:Dyslipidemia, T.F. Lüscher and François Mach
5:Metabolic Syndrome, R. Lehmann
6:Diabetes mellitus, R. Lehmann
7:Smoking cessation, I. Sudano
8:Nutrition, D. Fäh
9:Cardiac screening of sportsmen, C. Schmied and S. Sharma
10:Acute Chest Pain, T.F. Lüscher
11:Angina Pectoris, O.P. Guttmann, O. Gämperli, and A. Baumbach
12:INOCA (Ischemia with non-obstructive coronary arteries), J.-C. Kaski, J. Barton, and H. Al-Rubaye
13:Acute Coronary Syndromes, O.P. Guttmann, R. Binder, and A. Baumbach
14:Antithrombotic Therapy in Acute Coronary Syndrome, A. Baumbach, O. Gämperli, and R. Binder
15:Tako Tsubo Syndrome, C. Templin and J. Templin-Ghadri
16:Acute Aortic Syndrome, C. Nienaber and H. Alkadhi
17:Aortic Aneurysm, C. Nienaber and M. Lachat
18:Carotid Stenosis, M. Roffi and R. Binder
19:Transient Ischemic Attack and Stroke, A. Luft and T.F. Lüscher
20:Peripheral Arterial Disease, N. Cheshire and B. Amann-Vesti
21:Raynaud-Phenomen, B. Amann-Vesti
22:Peripheral Edema, B. Amann-Vesti
23:Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis, B. Amann-Vesti
24:Acute Pulmonary Embolism, S. Konstantinides
25:Pulmonary Hypertension, S. Ulrich
26:Atrial Tachycardias and Atrial Flutter, S. Guarguagli and S. Ernst
27:Atrial Fibrillation, S. Guarguagli and S. Ernst
28:Anticoagulation in Atrial Fibrillation, B. Reissmann and P. Kirchhoff
29:Indications for Pacemakers, S. Haldar
30:Indications for ICDs, J. A. Camm
31:Indications for electrode removal (PM and ICD), S. Haldar
32:Channelopathies and Sudden Cardiac Death, P. Schwartz and D. Keller
33:Acute Heart Failure, T.F. Lüscher and M. Metra
34:Chronic Heart Failure, J. Cleland and T.F. Lüscher
35:Cardiac Resynchronisationtherapy, G. Hindricks and A.S. Shamloo
36:(Peri-)Myokarditis, B. Heidecker, S. Prasad, and U. Eriksson
37:Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, A. Pentazis
38:Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy, A. Saguner and H. Calkins
39:Grown-Ups with Congenital Heart Disease, M. Gatzoulis and P. Diller
40:Aortic Stenosis, F. Khan and S. Windecker
41:Mitralvalve, F. Maisano and M. Taramasso
42:Endokarditis, B. Prendergast, R. Büchel, and T.F. Lüscher
43:Preoperative Check-up prior to non-cardiac operations, C. Schmied, T.F. Lüscher, and S. Kristensen
44:Scores and Classifications, A. Davies