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Manual of Embryo Selection in Human Assisted Reproduction

ISBN: 9781009016377
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Selecting the best embryo to transfer to the uterus is key to successful in vitro fertilization (IVF). A huge amount of research has been devoted to this topic and there are numerous methods used, from simple morphological assessment to molecular biological techniques to assess the genome and metabolism of the newly fertilized embryo. For many of these techniques, an adequate evidence base is lacking, and expert opinion is valuable. Clinical imperatives require ranking all embryos in a cohort according to their viability, thereby enabling the selection of the best embryo to optimize live birth outcome: a key indicator used to measure and rate IVF Clinics worldwide. This clear and informative manual will provide embryologists and clinicians with an overview of the tools now available to assist in embryo selection, as well as evidence for their efficacy and safety and the broader considerations that must underlie these important clinical decisions.

  • A guide to the technologies that will lead us to the third generation of IVF children
  • Provides an informative, clear account of the tools available to assist in embryo selection and the evidence for their efficacy and safety and the broader considerations that underlie these important clinical decisions
  • Includes practical advice on methods – including tips for optimizing outcomes and trouble-shooting


1. Introduction: why do we bother with embryo selection? Arne Sunde and Kersti Lundin
2. Embryo developmental programming Virginia N. Bolton
3. Embryo-maternal interactions Lois A. Salamonsen, Tracey A. Edgell, Guiying Nie, and Jemma Evans
4. The sperm’s role in embryo development Nahid Punjani, Russell P. Hayden and Peter N. Schlegel
5. The Oocyte’s role in embryo development David F. Albertini
6. The laboratory’s role in embryo development Dean Morbeck
7. Handling of gametes and embryos Sharon T. Mortimer
8. Noninvasive morphological selection of Oocytes Giovanni Coticchio, Elena Borini, Catello Scarica, and Andrea Borini
9. Prospects for bioenergetics for embryo selection Jonathan Van Blerkom
10. Static morphological assessment for embryo selection Thomas Ebner
11. Dynamic morphological assessment for embryo selection Alison Campbell
12. Noninvasive analysis of embryo nutrient utilization for embryo selection David K. Gardner, Laura Ferrick, Rebecca L. Kelley, and Yee Shan Lisa Lee
13. Genomics for embryo selection Elpida Fragouli and Dagan Wells
14. Biopsy techniques from polar body to blastocyst Danilo Cimadomo, Nicoletta Barnocchi, Letizia Papini, Federica Innocenti, Filippo Maria Ubaldi and Laura Rienzi
15. Cell-free DNA analysis for PGT-A Luca Gianaroli, Silvia Azzena and Maria C. Magli
16. What science may come for embryo selection? Paolo Rinaudo.