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Manual of Neuroanesthesia: The Essentials

ISBN: 9780367573478

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  • Reviews the pre-operative and post-operative management
  • Discusses the practical concepts of neuroanaethesia
  • Facilitates better understanding of the diagnostic aids
  • Explores allied specialities such as critical care, neurology and neuroradiology
  • Discusses special considerations such as pregnancy, paediatrics and geriatric population, traumatic brain injury, stroke and brain-stem death

This book will provide all the basic details of neuroanaesthesia and how management of different neurosurgical cases may differ. Simple issues such as neurological examination of patient, understanding CT-scan and MRI scans along with anaesthetic management are discussed in simple language, making this book a ready-reckoner. The title provides an insight into all possible aspects of anesthetic management of neurosurgical and commonly encountered neurologic patients. The book also includes chapters related to allied specialities such as critical care, neurology and neuroradiology, making it a complete package.


Basic principles of Neuroanaesthesia. Anatomical considerations. Intracranial Pressure. Cerebral perfusion pressure. Brain protection. Examining the neurosurgical patient. Preanaesthetic evaluation. Neurologic examination. Monitoring the neurosurgical patient.
Electrocardiography. Oxygenation. End-tidal carbon dioxide. Arterial
blood pressure. Central venous pressure. Neuromonitoring. Haemodynamic
variations. Temperature. Urine output. Anaesthesia for neurosurgical patient.
Difficult airway. Venous cannulation. Brain relaxation. Anaesthetic
agents – Intravenous. Anaesthetic agents –Inhalational. Neuromuscular
blockade and Opioids. Preoperative steroids. Emergence from anaesthesia.
Positioning the neurosurgical patient. Positioning of patients. Fluid management of neurosurgical patient. Perioperative fluids. Hyperosmolar therapy. Blood loss and transfusion. Case-specific management.
Aqueductal stenosis. Arnold-Chiari malformation. Awake craniotomy.
Brachial plexus injury for repair. Brain abscess. Carotid angioplasty.
Cerebello-pontine angle tumor. Cerebral aneurysm. Cerebral AV
malformation. Cervical spine surgery. Craniosynostosis. Epilepsy
surgery. Extradural haemoatoma. Lumbar meningomyelocoele. Moya-moya
disease. Neuroendoscopy. Occipital encephalocoele. Pituitary surgery.
Posterior fossa tumor. Status epilepticus. Sub-dural hematoma.
Supratentorial tumor. Ventriculo-peritoneal shunt. Pre- operative complications in neurosurgical patients.
Venous air embolism. Postoperative pain. Postoperative nausea and
vomiting. Postoperative respiratory complications. Postoperative
blindness. Basics of neuroradiology. Understanding Neuroradiology .Basics of neurointensive care. Basic principles of Neuro-intensive Care. Special considerations.
Special Considerations: Pregnancy. Special Considerations: Paediatrics.
Special Considerations: Geriatrics. Special Considerations: Traumatic
brain injury. Special Considerations: Myasthenia gravis. Special
Considerations: guillain Barre Syndrome. Special Considerations: Status
epilepticus. Special Considerations: Stroke Special Considerations:
Brainstem death. Appendix: Scales and Scores.