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Manual of Sperm Retrieval and Preparation in Human Assisted Reproduction

ISBN: 9781108792158
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Obtaining good quality sperm for in-vitro fertilization, ICSI, or for cryopreservation can be a major problem if a man suffers from medical conditions that preclude normal collection. Major advances in sperm retrieval and preparation techniques have been witnessed in recent years, allowing a better understanding of the contribution of the sperm to a couple’s fertility. This Manual is a complete guide to sperm retrieval methods performed for men with azoospermia. Covering all the basic and advanced steps for implementation of these procedures, the Manual includes descriptions of the underlying science along with detailed, practical advice on methods, including tips for optimizing outcomes and trouble-shooting, using an evidence-based approach. This will be an invaluable resource for andrologists, urologists, embryologists, male fertility specialists, gynecologists, and other healthcare workers practising reproductive medicine. It is particularly valuable for reproductive laboratory personnel wishing to refine or develop technique and improve outcomes, and for IVF Quality Managers.

  • Written by an international team of experts, bringing diverse experience and knowledge bases to the book
  • Covers a variety of different techniques, suitable for a range of infertility causes, and includes descriptions of the underlying science to aid readers in managing patients with azoospermia
  • Includes practical advice for retrieving and preparing sperm as well as tips for optimizing the outcomes and trouble-shooting any problems that may arise


Part I. Introduction:
1. Anatomy and physiology of the male reproductive system Ryan Scribner and Nick N. Tadros
2. Evaluation of candidates for sperm retrieval Darren J. Bryk, Neel V. Parekh and Sarah C. Vij
3. Testicular histopathology and the role of testis biopsy Gianmartin Cito
Part II. Sperm Retrieval:
4. History of surgical sperm retrieval techniques Rupin Shah
5. Epididymal sperm retrieval: indications, surgical protocol, and outcomes Jason P. Akerman and R. Matthew Coward
6. Testicular sperm retrieval: indications, surgical protocol, and outcomes Ahmad Majzoub, Sandro C. Esteves and Chak-Lam Cho
7. Surgical and non-surgical sperm retrieval techniques in patients with ejaculatory dysfunctions Mohamed Adnan, Omer Raheem and Laith M. Alzweri
8. Sperm retrieval in non-azoospermic men: indications, protocol, and outcomes Sandro C. Esteves and Ahmad Majzoub
9. Predictors of positive surgical sperm retrieval in azoospermic males: evaluation of clinical, laboratory, and histopathologic factors Kareim Khalafalla, Ahmed H. Almalki, Ahmad Majzoub and Sandro C. Esteves
10. Methods for enhancing surgical sperm retrieval success rate Jordan Cohen and Ranjith Ramasamy
Part III. Laboratory Handling of Retrieved Sperm:
11. Critical factors for optimizing sperm handling and ICSI outcomes Edson Borges, Amanda Souza Setti and Daniela Paes de Almeida Ferreira Braga
12. Sperm cryopreservation Rakesh Sharma, Kruyanshi Master and Ashok Agarwal
13. Future directions in sperm handling for ART Manesh Panner Selvam Kumar, Catalina Barbarosie and Ashok Agarwal.