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Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9780323673396
ISBN: 9780323673396

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Build your skills in examination and manual therapy treatment techniques! Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine, 3rd Edition provides evidence-based guidelines to manipulation, evaluation, and treatment procedures of the spine and temporomandibular joint. A perfect blend of theory and practice, this text uses an impairment-based approach in showing how to reach an accurate diagnosis and develop an effective plan of care. The books photos and drawings – along with some 200 videos – demonstrate examination and manipulation procedures, including therapist hand placement, applied direction of force, and patient positioning. Written by clinician and educator Kenneth Olson, this comprehensive resource will help you improve your clinical reasoning and provide successful outcomes.

  • NEW! Enhanced eBook version is included with print purchase, which allows students to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
  • NEW! Expanded content describes the impact of use of language, pain science education, and a psychologically informed approach in the management of complex musculoskeletal pain conditions.
  • NEW! Coverage of clinical reasoning includes additional decision making tools relating to the biopsychosocial approach for spinal and temporomandibular conditions in musculoskeletal and manual physical therapy practice.
  • NEW! Updated red flag screening content addresses serious spinal pathologies and assessment of central sensitization, pressure pain thresholds, and impaired sleep.
  • Updated research evidence supports the examination/classification, diagnostic accuracy, and treatment of spinal and temporomandibular disorders including mobilization/manipulation and specific therapeutic exercises.
  • Updated background information and instructional materials make it easier to integrate manipulation and manual physical therapy examination and treatment procedures into professional education and clinical practice.