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Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780367567026
ISBN: 9780367567026
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This new edition of an acclaimed text reviews the evidence for best practice in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, to present the reader with the right information, with appropriate use of proven interventions and avoidance of ineffectual or harmful ones. The information is presented in the right format by summarizing evidence succinctly and clearly in tables and algorithms. The aim is to inform the clinician, to reduce errors and “to make it easy to do it right.”

The volume can be purchased separately or together with the companion volume on Obstetric Evidence Based Guidelines (set ISBN 9780367567033).

The Series in Maternal-Fetal Medicine is published in conjunction with the Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine.

From reviews of previous editions:

An excellent resource with quick and easy protocols… this book has a permanent spot on my shelf.

—Doody’s Review Service



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List of Abbreviations

List of Contributors

1 Hypertensive disorders
Amanda Roman
2 Cardiac disease
Preethi Pirlamarla and Gregary D. Marhefka
3 Obesity
Rebekah Jo McCurdy
4 Pregestational diabetes
F. Weston Loehr, A. Dhanya Mackeen, and Michael J. Paglia
5 Gestational diabetes
A. Dhanya Mackeen, Richard S. Vigh, and Kajal Angras
6 Hypothyroidism
Alessandra Livi
7 Hyperthyroidism
Alessandra Livi
8 Prolactinoma
Matteo Antonio Ucci
9 Nausea/vomiting of pregnancy and hyperemesis gravidarum
Rupsa C. Boelig and Sofia Guidi
10 Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
Ginevra Salsi
11 Inflammatory bowel disease
Priyadarshini Koduri
12 Alimentary tract diseases
Ryan Lamm, Arturo J. Rios-Diaz, Priyadarshini Koduri, and Francesco Palazzo
13 Pregnancy after liver and other transplantation
Guillermo Gurza and Adam Bodzin
14 Maternal anemia
Ashley E. Benson and Marcela C. Smid
15 Sickle cell disease
Zimeng Gao
16 von Willebrand Disease
Melody Safarzadeh
17 Urinary tract disease
Giuseppe Chiossi
18 Headache
Stephen Silberstein and Shuhan Zhu
19 Seizures
Sally Mathias and Meriem Bensalem-Owen
20 Other neurologic diseases in pregnancy
Loralei L. Thornburg and Meredith L Birsner
21 Mood disorders
Madeleine A. Becker, Tal E. Weinberger, and Leigh J. Ocker
22 Smoking
Jorge E. Tolosa, Niyazi Kilic, and David M. Stamilio
23 Substance use disorders
Neil S. Seligman

24 Intimate partner violence and trauma informed care in pregnancy
Johanna Quist-Nelson and Amy Weil
25 Racism and racial disparity in obstetrics
Ukachi N. Emeruwa, Emily Rosenthal, and Allison S. Bryant
26 Respiratory diseases: asthma, pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis, and COVID-19
Aref T. Senno and Ryan K. Brannon
27 Systemic lupus erythematosus
Maria A. Giraldo-Isaza and Bettina F. Cuneo
28 Antiphospholipid syndrome
Michael Miller, Arthur Jason Vaught, and Torre Halscott
29 Inherited thrombophilia
Guillermo Gurza
30 Venous thromboembolism and anticoagulation
Alexandra Ramirez
31 Hepatitis A
Rebecca Pierce-Williams, Neil Silverman, Steven K Herrine, and Danielle Tholey
32 Hepatitis B
Laura Felder, Zimeng Gao, and Danielle Tholey
33 Hepatitis C
Rebecca Pierce-Williams, Neil Silverman, Raja Dhanekula, Jonathan M. Fenkel, and Danielle Tholey
34 HIV
Jenani Jayakumaran and William R. Short
35 Gonorrhea
A. Marie O’Neill
36 Chlamydia
Molly A. Amero and Shawn Mattson
37 Syphilis
A. Marie O’Neill
38 Trichomonas
Tino Tran
39 Group B Streptococcus
Stephanie Thomas
40 Vaccination
Joshua H. Barash and Edward M. Buchanan
41 Trauma
Danielle M. Prentice and Lauren A. Plante
42 Critical care
Jaimie Maines and Lauren A. Plante
43 Amniotic fluid embolism
Zaid Diken, Antonio F. Saad, and Luis D. Pacheco
44 Cancer
Elyce Cardonick, Charlotte Maggen, and Puja Patel
45 Dermatoses of pregnancy
Hannah J. Anderson, Dana Correale, and Jason B. Lee
46 Multiple gestations
Edward J. Hayes and Michelle R. Hayes
47 Fetal Growth Restriction
Juliana Gevaerd Martins and Alfred Abuhamad
48 Fetal macrosomia
Sipika Tyagi
49 Cytomegalovirus
Timothy J. Rafael
50 Toxoplasmosis
Corina N. Schoen and Elizabeth A. Morgan
51 Parvovirus
Timothy J. Rafael
52 Herpes
Timothy J. Rafael
53 Varicella
Timothy J. Rafael
54 Fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
Leen Al-Hafez
55 Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn (HDFN)
Pedro Argoti, Ana M. Angarita, and Giancarlo Mari
56 Nonimmune hydrops fetalis
Chelsea DeBolt, Katherine Connolly, Mary E Norton and Joanne Stone
57 Fetal death
Emily A. Oliver and Uma M. Reddy
58 Antepartum testing
Nora Graham
59 Sonographic assessment of amniotic fluid: oligohydramnios and polyhydramnios
Ariel T. Levy