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Maternal Hemodynamics


ISBN: 9781107157378

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23-28 ημέρες


Discover new concepts in cardiovascular and hemodynamic functionality during pregnancy, with international experts in feto-maternal medicine. During the early stages of pregnancy, the maternal heart and circulation are subject to major gestational adaptive changes that allow for a normal course and outcome for both mother and baby. Any disruption to these processes can precipitate the onset of severe maternal and fetal complications such as preeclampsia, or intrauterine growth restriction. This invaluable reference work provides a comprehensive discussion of each aspect of the circulation. With a focus on the physiologic and pathophysiologic aspects of maternal cardiovascular function, this guide supports non-invasive assessment, management and prevention techniques for cardiovascular disease, for all stages of fetal and neonatal life. This text supports researchers and specialists in maternal-fetal medicine, whilst providing a key grounding in the topic, for trainees wishing to be at the cutting edge of theories and research.

  • Addresses a flexible new concept in obstetrics, looking at the maternal cardiovascular system as a functional circle, providing readers with tailored adaptations of each part of the circulation, and their relevance towards a normal outcome of pregnancy
  • The reader will have access to both theoretical aspects of gestational physiology and practical techniques when performing these assessments in pregnant women
  • The book is authored by international experts in the field, providing both an opinion-leading reference work for clinicians and researchers who are familiar with the topic, and an educational guide for junior trainees or fellows that want to learn more about gestational hemodynamics
  • format: Hardback
  • dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
  • contains: 21 b/w illus. 59 colour illus.


Part I. Physiology of Normal Pregnancy:
1. Maternal hemodynamics in health and disease: a paradigm shift in the causation of placental syndromes Baskaran Thilaganathan
2. Cardiovascular and volume regulatory functions in pregnancy: an overview Louis L. Peeters
3. Cardiac function Herbert Valensise, Giuseppe Novelli and Daniele Farsetti
4. The venous compartment in normal pregnancy Kathleen Tomsin and Wilfried Gyselaers
5. The microcirculation Jérôme Cornette and Andreas Brückmann
6. Plasma volume changes in pregnancy Marc E. A. Spaanderman and Anneleen S. Staelens
Part II. Pathological Pregnancy: Screening and Established Disease:
7. Arterial function in pathological pregnancies Asma Khalil and Sylvia Salvi
8. Cardiac dysfunction in hypertensive pregnancy Herbert Valensise and Giuseppe P. Novelli
9. Dysfunction of the venous system before and during preeclampsia Sharona Vonck and Wilfried Gyselaers
10. Microvascular findings in pathological pregnancy Andreas Brückmann and Jérôme Cornette
Part III. Techniques: How To Do:
11. How to assess arterial function? Helen Perry, Carmel McEniery and Asma Khalil
12. How to do a maternal venous doppler assessment? Wilfried Gyselaers
13. Non-invasive techniques of measuring cardiac output during pregnancy Victoria Meah, Erik Stöhr and John Cockcroft
14. Techniques of measuring plasma volume changes in pregnancy Anneleen S. Staelens and Marc Spaanderman
Part IV. Cardiovascular Therapies:
15. Treatment options of hypertension in pregnancy Lin Fung Foo, Jasmin Tay and Ian B. Wilkinson
16. Aspirin Shireen Meher
17. Vascular endothelial growth factor gene therapy in the management
of cardiovascular problems in pregnancy Yuval Ginsberg and Anna David
18. NO donors in preeclampsia Thomas R. Everett, Taminrit Johal and Christoph Lees
19. Vasodilatation and fluid expansion Herbert Valensise, Damiano Lo Presti and Marc Spaanderman
Part V. Controversies:
Beyond temporal classification of early and late preeclampsia Enrico
Ferrazzi, Daniela Di Martino, Tamara Stampalija and Maria L. Muggiasca
21. Chemotherapy and cardiovascular function in pregnancy Kristel van Calsteren
22. Maternal cardiovascular disease after preeclampsia Johannes Duvekot.