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Maths Skills for Pharmacy. Unlocking Pharmaceutical Calculations

ISBN: 9780198814467
ISBN: 9780198814467
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Ensuring competency in maths skills is a fundamental part of pharmacy education. Maths Skills for Pharmacy uniquely combines both the scientific calculations underpinning dosage forms with calculations relating to pharmacy practice in a single, essential volume.

An innovative student-centred approach is taken throughout the text, with numerous worked examples and self-test questions to stimulate self-directed learning. Frequent case studies highlight the importance of maths to pharmacy, and help students to make that crucial connection between theory and practice, while key take-home messages for each section are summarised in concise learning-point boxes. The second edition has been fully updated to reflect latest developments and practices, including even more problem-based learning tools and an additional number of examples and case studies, with increased reference to Problem Based Learning.

Written by leading academics with a wealth of experience in pharmacy education, Maths Skills for Pharmacy 2e is the ideal textbook for the subject.

Digital formats and resources

This text is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources available for users of the e-book and Science Trove. Resources for students include multiple-choice and short answer questions. Instructor resources include figures from the book, available to download.

The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features and links that offer extra learning support: www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/ebooks

  • Written by leading academics in the fields of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutics, with a wealth of experience in pharmacy education
  • Numerous worked examples and self-assessment questions make the text ideal for self-directed learning
  • Case studies featuring a group of patients introduced in Chapter 1 run throughout the text, emphasising the importance of maths to pharmacy, and helping students make the connection between theory and practice
  • Frequent learning points highlight the key take-home messages for each section
  • Fully integrated approach: the text covers calculations relating to both pharmaceutical science and pharmacy practice
  • Its contemporary examples give the book the most up-to-date coverage of the subject

New to this Edition:

  • Additional examples and case studies with increased reference to new problem-based learning questions
  • Updated information in the expanded running case study reflects the most up-to-date findings in the field
  • Updated online resources for professors and students including multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and figures from the book
  • New chapter on Pharmacokinetics


1:Introduction: the importance of maths in pharmacy
2:Pharmaceutical mathematical terminology
3:Mathematical basis in pharmacy: measurements and data
4:Maths supporting the science of pharmacy
5:Quantities to dispense: accuracy within supply
6:Handling pharmaceutical products: concentrations and dilutions
7:Intravenous and associated medication routes
8:Basic clinical pharmacokinetics
9:Data: presentation, interpretation, and basic statistics