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Mayo Clinic Case Review for Pulmonary and Critical Care Boards

ISBN: 9780197755877
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Mayo Clinic Case Review for Pulmonary and Critical Care Boards is based on cases presented by faculty and fellows at the Mayo Clinic Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Wednesday Morning Case Conference, a weekly conference where interesting cases are presented in a “guess the diagnosis” format. The presenter leads the audience through the patient’s clinical course highlighting clinically important facts and pearls in a question-and-answer format. The presentation concludes with take-home points relevant to clinical practice.

Mayo Clinic is a tertiary-care referral medical center, which gives them the opportunity to see rare diseases or rare presentations of common diseases that don’t present as frequently in other medical centers. Mayo Clinic Case Review for Pulmonary and Critical Care Boards is designed to be the optimal resource for board exam preparation in pulmonary and critical care medicine.

  • Designed to be the optimal resource for board exam preparation in pulmonary and critical care medicine.
  • Within the limited number of pulmonary and critical care medicine board review books in the market, this book provides additional support for exam preperation.

· Section I: Obstructive Lung Disease
· Section II: Critical Care Medicine
· Section III: Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease
· Section IV: Sleep Medicine, Neuromuscular and Skeletal
· Section V: Infections
· Section VI: Neoplasia
· Section VII: Pleural Diseases
· Section VIII: Interventional Pulmonology
· Section IX: Transplantation
· Section X: Vascular Diseases
· Section XI: Occupational and Environmental Diseases


Section I
Obstructive Lung Disease
Case 1 A 45-Year-Old Man with Chronic Cough and Dyspnea on Exertion
Case 2 A 59-Year-Old Woman with Episodic Dyspnea
Case 3 A 77-Year-Old Man with Chronic Cough and Recurrent Pneumonia
Case 4 A 63-Year-Old Woman with Recurrent Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Case 5 A 28-Year-Old Woman with Worsening Cough and Hemoptysis
Case 6 An 84-Year-Old Man with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Cirrhosis
Section II
Critical Care Medicine
Case 7 A 67-Year-Old Woman with Hyperglycemia
Case 8 A 52-Year-Old Man with Suicidal Ideation and Bipolar Disorder
Case 9 A 66-Year-Old Man with Fatigue, Dyspnea, and Hypoxemia
Case 10 A 51-Year-Old Man with Fever, Dyspnea, and Productive Cough
Case 11 A 49-Year-Old Man with Massive Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Bleeding
Case 12 A 74-Year-Old Man with Shortness of Breath, Cough, Rigors, and Malaise
Case 13 A 63-Year-Old Woman with Back Pain, Weakness, Tachycardia, and Hypertension
Section III
Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease
Case 14 A 45-Year-Old Man with Worsening Dyspnea and Hypoxemia
Case 15 A 55-Year-Old Woman with Dyspnea, Cough, and Acute Kidney Failure
Case 16 A 51-Year-Old Man with Fatigue, Dyspnea, and Lung Nodules
Case 17 A 48-Year-Old Woman with Shortness of Breath and Cough
Case 18 A 59-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Dyspnea Undergoing Evaluation for Lung Transplant
Case 19 A 52-Year-Old Woman with Arthralgias, Hair Loss, and Skin Ulcers
Case 20 A 61-Year-Old Man with Dyspnea on Minimal Exertion
Case 21 A 67-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Dyspnea and Atypical Infiltrates
Section IV
Sleep Medicine, Neuromuscular and Skeletal
Case 22 A 60-Year-Old Man with Persistent Coma
Case 23 An 83-Year-Old Woman with Obstructive Sleep Apnea at High Altitude
Case 24 An 82-Year-Old Woman with Acute Hypoxic Respiratory Failure
Section V
Case 25 A 48-Year-Old Man with Recurrent Pneumonia
Case 26 A 36-Year-Old Man with Recurrent Fevers, Dry Cough, and Weight Loss
Case 27 A 37-Year-Old Man with Sudden Loss of Vision
Case 28 A 71-Year-Old Woman with Diarrhea and Recurrent Fever
Case 29 A 51-Year-Old Woman with Fever and Cough
Section VI
Case 30 A 54-Year-Old Woman with Chronic Hoarseness and Cough
Case 31 A 56-Year-Old Man with Persistent Pneumonia
Case 32 A 74-Year-Old Man with a Pulmonary Nodule and Neck Pain
Case 33 A 68-Year-Old Man with Dyspnea and Multiple Pulmonary Nodules
Case 34 A 49-Year-Old Man with Dizziness, Fatigue, Muscle Weakness, and Shortness of Breath
Case 35 A 71-Year-Old Woman with a Nodule in the Right Lung
Case 36 A 65-Year-Old Man with Shoulder Pain, Cough, and Dyspnea
Section VII
Pleural Diseases
Case 37 A 49-Year-Old Man with Cough, Dyspnea, and Right-Sided Chest Pain
Case 38 A 45-Year-Old Woman with Respiratory Failure and Septic Shock
Case 39 An 81-Year-Old Man with Chronic Dyspnea and Recurrent Pleural Effusion
Case 40 A 46-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Shortness of Breath
Case 41 A 25-Year-Old Man with Sudden Onset of Severe Dyspnea
Case 42 A 71-Year-Old Woman with Cough, Night Sweats, and Fevers
Case 43 A 57-Year-Old Woman with Progressively Decreasing Oxygen Saturation After Liver Transplant
Section VIII
Interventional Pulmonology
Case 44 A 79-Year-Old Woman with Shortness of Breath, Fatigue, Near Syncope, and Chest Tightness
Case 45 A 49-Year-Old Woman with Coital Hemoptysis
Section IX
Case 46 A 60-Year-Old Man with Fever, Cough, and Fatigue 2 Months After Bilateral Lung Transplant
Case 47 A 59-Year-Old Man with Progressive Shortness of Breath and Fatigue 18 Months After Bilateral Lung Transplant
Case 48 A 64-Year-Old Man with Back Spasms and Dyspnea 3 Weeks After Lung Transplant
Section X
Vascular Diseases
Case 49 A 57-Year-Old Man with a History of Recurrent Epistaxis and Arteriovenous Malformations
Case 50 A 68-Year-Old Woman with Dyspnea and Pleuritic Chest Pain
Case 51 A 71-Year-Old Man with Dyspnea and Hypoxemia
Section XI
Occupational and Environmental Diseases
Case 52 A 91-Year-Old Man with a Pulmonary Nodule, Abdominal Pain, and Anorexia
Case 53 A 23-Year-Old Man with Dyspnea and Pleural Effusions
Case 54 A 68-Year-Old Man with Chronic Cough