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Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy for Cancer Caregivers. Therapist Manual and Caregiver Workbook

ISBN: 9780197640777
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Caregiving is a physically, emotionally, socially, existentially, and financially demanding role that touches most people at some point in their lives. Without support, caregivers are at risk for their own physical and medical problems. Despite being a source of suffering, it at the same time presents an opportunity to connect to meaning and purpose. The authors of this book developed Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy for Cancer Caregivers (MCP-C), the first targeted therapy to comprehensively address existential distress and suffering in caregivers. Across seven sessions and through a series of didactic and experiential exercises, caregivers are guided to explore various sources of meaning in life that can become resources for them, especially when the challenges of caregiving are great.

In this manual, the reader will find an overview and background on MCP-C, and in-depth descriptions of each of the seven sessions, with sample therapist scripts and handouts for caregivers engaged in MCP-C. It also includes a case example to bring the material to life. The goal of MCP-C is to provide caregivers with the tools needed to live life as fully as possible, despite the many challenges they face. Research on MCP-C with caregivers of patients with various sites and stages of cancer and across the caregiving trajectory supports the underlying mission of MCP-C: suffering is unavoidable but meaning and purpose is always possible.

  • Session-by-session guide for the first psychotherapeutic intervention developed specifically to address existential distress and promote connection to meaning and purpose in caregivers
  • Includes sample scripts for therapists to use to become familiar with MCP-C implementation and a comprehensive case study that brings the material to life
  • Includes all materials needed to deliver MCP-C, including caregiver handouts


Treatment Overview
Session #1: Concepts and Sources of Meaning
Session #2: Cancer Caregiving and Meaning
Session #3: Historical Sources of Meaning
Session #4: Attitudinal Sources of Meaning
Session #5: Creative Sources of Meaning
Session #6: Experiential Sources of Meaning
Sesssion #7: Transitions
MCP-C Case Example
Caregiver Workbook
Final Statement