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Mechanical Function of the Atrial Diastole: A New Discovery. The Motion of Blood in the Venous System—Novel Findings 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032198477
ISBN: 9781032198477
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A recording of new discoveries based on experimental findings, this monograph is dedicated to examining the function of the atrial diastole of the human heart.

The comprehensive and well-illustrated Mechanical Function of the Atrial Diastole explores the origins and history of circulation and links them to current newly discovered findings of the motion of blood in the venous system. Complementing the work of Sir William Harvey who discovered the mechanical function of the ventricles, this book examines the mechanical functions of the atrial chambers and completes the function of the human heart.

Opening new doors in the world of research to a better understanding and treatment of ailments affecting the human heart, this book will particularly interest vascular surgeons, angiologists, cardiovascular disease specialists and cardiac surgeons as well as those specialists devoted to blood circulation.

From the Forewords

“The author has made a most ambitious and formidable undertaking of compiling this book and presenting his discovery. His concept is very credible and adds to the present available concept and theory of venous circulation, venous valve movement and atrial relaxation. This book provides a comprehensive text on new concepts and basic understanding of the physiology of venous circulation which will be useful in the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases.”

Professor Kailash Prasad

“The book is eminently readable with interesting tidbits and anecdotes. For example, we learn that Sir William Harvey softened his theory of circulation to mollify adherents of Galen; Alas, to no avail, as he had to hide for two years for fear of assassination by Galen’s enraged followers. The book is decorated with the author’s original drawings rendered beautifully with his annotations in near Calligraphic precision.”

Seshadri Raju M.D., FACS.



Foreword by Seshadri Raju

Foreword by Kailash Prasad


1. The history of circulation

2. Sir William Harvey

3. Present concept

4. Mystery of the venous valves

5. Motion of blood in the venous system—novel findings

6. Venous flow is pulsatile

7. Motion of venous valves in humans—a new discovery

8. The dynamic function of the atrial diastole of the heart

9. Theory of circulation by the author