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Medical Toxicology

What Do I Do Now Emergency Medicine

ISBN: 9780197635513
ISBN: 9780197635513
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What Do I Do Now Emergency Medicine

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Part of the “What Do I Do Now: Emergency Medicine” series, Medical Toxicology is an interactive, case-based book that covers content not found in most general specialty textbooks, and gives readers the opportunity to prepare for board certification and recertification, and to gain medical toxicology expertise without the need to perform a deep dive into the literature. The 34 chapters go beyond the basics of common and dangerous toxicities and provide the next step of care for complicated cases, as well as backgrounds to the pathophysiology of severe overdoses. It also addresses multiple overdoses, poisonings, and envenomations and supplements the information and recommendations of a poison center or toxicologist by providing background reasoning when a deep dive into a particular topic is not possible. Readers who are medical students, residents, advanced practice providers, staff physicians in emergency departments, hospitalists, and critical care providers will all find the content in this book stimulating, interactive, and a reliable resource that replicates a curbside consult with an expert.

  • Interactive and case-based format
  • Detailed and goes beyond initial management
  • Provides the next step of care for complicated cases
  • Provides a background as to the pathophysiology of severe overdoses


Chapter 1: Beyond NAC: Acidemia after Acetaminophen Overdose
Benjamin Tartter & Michael Ballester
Chapter 2: Severe Complications of Salicylate Overdose
Jay Bhula & Richard Kleiman
Chapter 3: Mind the Gap: Toxic Alcohol Management
Patrick Filkins
Chapter 4: Unrelenting Insulin Release: Sulfonylurea/Meglitinide Overdose
Matthew Sheneman, Brian P. Murray, & Joseph E. Carpenter
Chapter 5: Some Like It Hot: Management of Toxic Hyperthermia
Nicholas Titelbaum & Brent Morgan
Chapter 6: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome vs Serotonin Syndrome
Jasmine Gentry & Katie Lippert
Chapter 7: To Chelate or Not to Chelate: When Too Much Iron is Too Much
Christy Hallett
Chapter 8: How Long Can You Go?: Beta Blocker and Calcium Channel Blocker Overdoses
Michael Frein & Jessica Zhen
Chapter 9: Vitamins that Kill: Vitamin A & D Overdoses
Stephanie Hon
Chapter 10: Rats Hate this Stuff: Potent Long-Acting Vitamin K Antagonists
Reena Underiner & Jonathan de Olano
Chapter 11: Stuffing is for Turkeys: Management of Illicit Drug Stuffers
Zachary Illg
Chapter 12: When Antidiarrheals Stop More than Loose Bowels: Loperamide Induced Cardiac Dysfunction
Rita Farah & Brent Morgan
Chapter 13: Save a Life, Initiate Buprenorphine: Emergency Department Buprenorphine Administration
Maxwell Kruse & Josh da Silva
Chapter 14: Tricyclic Antidepressant Toxicity: Management of the Crashing Patient
Matthew Oram & Joshua da Silva
Chapter 15: Don’t Lose your Ear Over Cardiac Glycosides: Cardiac Glycoside Toxicity Management
Marshall Howell, Girgis Fahmy, & Emily Kiernan
Chapter 16: The (Lack of) Benefit of a Screening Urine Drug Screen
Rebecca Ervin & Pradeep Padmanabhan
Chapter 17: Diphenhydramine: The Cardiac Poison
Chidiebere Victor Ugwu & T. Christy Hallett
Chapter 18: A Long Way from Woodstock: Synthetic Cannabinoids
Daniel Nogee
Chapter 19: Beyond Benzos: Alcohol and Sedative-Hypnotic Withdrawal
Kyle Suen
Chapter 20: All Amped Up and Nowhere to Go: Caffeine and Methylxanthine Overdose
Nicholas Nuveen & Melissa Gittinger
Chapter 21: Not So Essential Oils: Essential Oil Ingestions
Ashima Goyal Gurkha & Dhritiman Gurkha
Chapter 22: ME THink You Should Not Use: Methamphetamines Intoxication
Suad Al Sulaimani
Chapter 23: The Rummy Rum Rums: Alcohol Intoxication
Destiny Horton & Mohan Punja
Chapter 24: The Mu-Agonist Blues: Opioid Overdose and Withdrawal
Tori Ehrhardt & Alaina Steck
Chapter 25: GABA-B, The Forgotten Receptor Overlooked No More: Baclofen Overdose and Withdrawal
Nicholas Hoffmann & Jay Bernstein
Chapter 26: Is that Chest Pain, a Heart Attack, or the Line of Cocaine?: Managing Cocaine-induced Chest Pain
Amir Jamal Mansour, Pradeep Padmanabhan, & Besher Assi
Chapter 27: Don’t Poke the Snake: The Do’s and Don’ts of Snake Bite Management
Katie Lippert & Joshua DaSilva
Chapter 28: You are Barking Up the Wrong Scorpion: Bark Scorpion Envenomations
Karl Holt & Jonathan de Olano
Chapter 29: The Shy Widow: Black Widow Envenomations
Matthew Eisenstat
Chapter 30: Don’t Get Washed Away in the Red Tide: Shellfish and Seafood Related Toxins
Alyka Fernandez & Melissa Gittinger
Chapter 31: Acetylcholine Overload: Organophosphate and Carbamate Exposures
Luis Espinoza & Joshua da Silva
Chapter 32: Redox Cycling Out of Control: Herbicide Ingestions
Nicholas Titelbaum
Chapter 33: I am all Choked Up, Over Chlorine: Chlorine and Other Pulmonary Irritants
Emily Kiernan
Chapter 34: What You Don’t See Might Hurt You: Acute Radiation Syndrome and Cutaneous Radiation Syndrome
Girgis Fahmy & Ziad Kazzi