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Medicine for Finals and Beyond 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780367150594
ISBN: 9780367150594
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Clinically-orientated and focused squarely on the core curriculum, Medicine for Finals and Beyond delivers what medical students need to know in a manner that encourages learning and recall. The consistent, easy-to-navigate structure makes locating information simple and is tailored for exam success. Highly illustrated throughout, notes based information is supplemented by ‘At A Glance textboxes’, ‘Emergency Presentations’ and ‘Must Know Checklists’ for quick reference, while online question and answer material allows for self-testing during that inevitable last-minute revision.


Key features:

·        Comprehensive – everything you need to know to pass your medical finals in a single volume

·        Accessible – systems-based chapters all follow a common structure

·        Convenient – summarises the ideal approach to the patient, including history and examination, clinical presentations, differential diagnosis and investigations

·        Focused – covers all the common conditions that medical students need to know for future practice

·        Relevant – designed with input from lecturers and students


This brand-new revision aid for medical students will be a convenient companion throughout clinical studies and an ideal aide-memoire for those approaching their final examinations.





1. The Human Aspects of Medicine

Chris O’Callaghan & Alison Maycock

2. The Scientific Basis of Medicine

Chris O’Callaghan & Rachel Allen

3. Infectious Disease

Susanna J. Dunachie, Hanif Esmail, Ruth Corrigan & Maria Dudareva

4. Rheumatic Disease

John Axford

5. Metabolic Bone Disease

Jeffrey Lee

6. Respiratory Disease

Ian Pavord, Nayia Petousi & Nick Talbot

7. Cardiovascular Disease

Alexander Lyon

8. Renal Disease; Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders

Chris O’Callaghan

9. Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreatic Disease

James Neuberger

10. Gastrointestinal Disease

Gareth Davies, Chris Black & Keeley Fairbrass

11. Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Lipoprotein Disorders and other Metabolic Diseases

Kevin Baynes

12. Endocrine Disease

Pierre-Marc Bouloux

13. Neurological Disease

Malcolm Macleod

14. Psychological Medicine

Harrison Howarth, Jim Bolton & Gary Bell

15. Haematological Disease

Thomas A. Fox & Emma C. Morris

16. Palliative Medicine

Adrian Tookman & Faye Gishen

17. Poisoning

Paul Dargan

18. Skin Disease

Christopher Bunker & Richard Watchorn