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Meningiomas of the Skull Base

Treatment Nuances in Contemporary Neurosurgery

ISBN: 9783132412866
ISBN: 9783132412866

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Treatment Nuances in Contemporary Neurosurgery

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Meningiomas, the second most frequent of intracranial tumors, are characterized by a protean range of possible locations and appearances, due to their origin from the extensive and intricately formed meninges. As such, a wide variety of differential diagnoses is typical, and the therapies chosen are necessarily highly variable.

The introductory chapters of this book cover the pathology of these tumors, the evolution of special surgical methods, instrumentation, intraoperative monitoring, and the role of radiosurgery. Ten surgical chapters cover the individual regions of occurrence, including the sphenoid wing, olfactory groove, cerebellopontine angle, etc., all of which require a specialized approach and therapeutic strategy.

Key Features:

  • Discussion of pathology and therapy organized by anatomic location of the lesions with the goal of providing best patient outcomes
  • New WHO meningioma classification system based on most recent research in growth patterns, gene sequencing, and molecular patterns of development
  • Important updates on the newest developments in treatment modalities for meningioma, including the lesser invasive radiotherapy and radiosurgery for the smaller lesions and to avoid the necessity of performing radical surgery

Meningiomas of the Skull Base: Treatment Nuances in Contemporary Neurosurgery is an essential reference guide for neurosurgeons and neurologists (in training and in practice) and will also be welcomed by skull base surgeons and otolaryngologists.

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1 Introduction
2 The Evolution of Surgery–the Soul of Neurosurgery
3 Inside the Pathology
4 Exogenous Factors Affecting Meningiomas
5 Instrumentation (Micro, Endo, IGS, MRI Application)
6 Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring during Surgery
7 Role of Stereotactic Radiosurgery
8 Sphenoid Wing Meningiomas
9 Clival Meningiomas
10 Petroclival Meningiomas
11 Olfactory Groove Meningiomas
12 Middle Fossa Floor Meningiomas
13 Cerebellopontine Angle Meningiomas
14 Foramen Magnum Meningioma
15 Tuberculum Sellae/Planum Meningiomas
16 Cavernous Sinus Meningiomas
17 Reconstruction of the Skull Base
18 Management of Recurrent Skull Base Meningiomas
19 Natural History and Adjunctive Modalities of Treatment
20 Complications in the Management of Skull Base Meningioma