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Mental Health Care for Elite Athletes

ISBN: 9783031083662
ISBN: 9783031083662
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Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο


This book examines the nuances and specifications of mental health in elite athletes. It meets the market need for a reference that utilizes a narrow scope to focus on the unique nature of this demographic’s mental health. It enriches the understanding and appreciation of mental health symptoms and disorders in elite athletes and thus the ability to appropriately address those issues.


The book first addresses the essential topics necessary for an authoritative resource on mental health, such as general mental health disorder symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment. Subsequent chapters then dive into the very specific issues affecting elite athletes, including the adverse effects of overtraining, sports-related concussions, behavioral addictions, and psychological responses to injury and illness. Closing chapters then analyze mental health disorders and issues specific to diverse demographics such as youth athletes, Paralympic athletes, and athletes of various ethnic and religious backgrounds.


Timely and essential, Mental Health Care for Elite Athletes is an invaluable reference for a variety of healthcare professionals who work with elite athletes and interested non-medical members of the athlete entourage, such as coaches and family.