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Modern Hip Resurfacing – LAST COPY –

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ISBN: 9781848000872
ISBN: 9781848000872

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DVD Included

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  • First book to cover modern hip resurfacing techniques
  • Only resource to comprehensively document this technique newly approved by the FDA and used worldwide
  • Offers a complete review of hip resurfacing from a recognized leader in orthopedic surgery
  • Features high definition still images

Over the past 10 years hip resurfacing has become increasingly popular in Europe and North America as an alternative to the more invasive procedure of total hip replacement. Rather than remove the entire femoral head and neck leading to difficulties should the hip replacement need to be revised, resurfacing conserves much more of the patient?s healthy femur and this has been shown to be of great benefit to many patient groups, especially younger and more active patients.
Modern Hip Resurfacing includes a huge number of high-quality images designed to guide the reader through the procedure.
Mr McMinn is the acknowledged innovator in the technique and has assembled a team of experts in all aspects of the resurfacing procedure, from materials science to the surgical procedure itself. This book represents a comprehensive resource for all orthopedic surgeons wanting to incorporate hip resurfacing into their surgical work and provides a compelling story that reinforces the place resurfacing has taken in the surgeon?s armamentarium.

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