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Modern Menopausal Hormone Treatment. Facts and Myths About Sex Hormones

ISBN: 9783030927349
ISBN: 9783030927349
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This unique book is structured to give the reader a comprehensive view to understand the decline of hormones at midlife and the risks and benefits of evidence based hormonal treatments. The difference between bio-identical and synthetic hormones is shown.

With this book the author intends to restore the trust of the mostly positive effects of hormone treatment during menopause. In this book effective hormone treatments that may be carried on for years are discussed. Those hormones may even prevent age related diseases (arthralgia, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases) if started at the right time frame directly after menopause, known as “window of opportunity”.
This book fills a gap for medical health providers and can be of benefit for all women searching evidence-based information and answers on hormone menopausal changes and treatments. The book provides the reader with case histories to show how different women are at the menopausal transition, and what the doctor has to consider in the choice of investigation and treatment.