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Molecular Hematology, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781394180455
ISBN: 9781394180455
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Provides a core knowledgebase for those with minimal exposure to hematologic molecular biology, fully revised and updated

Molecular Hematology brings together the most up-to-date and reliable information on the molecular basis of major hematologic diseases. Edited and authored by leading experts in the field, this volume demonstrates the clinical relevance of molecular biology in the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders. Concise, accessible chapters address key topics in modern hematology, such as lymphoma genetics, molecular coagulation, thrombophilia, pharmacogenomics, platelet disorders, hemophilia, anemia, and multiple myeloma. Chapters introduce and summarize specific hematologic diseases, explore the pathogenesis of the disorder, highlight new and emerging molecular strategies, and more.

Now in its fifth edition, Molecular Hematology is fully revised to incorporate contemporary hematology research and practice. Entirely new chapters cover topics such as CAR-T cell technology, COVID, cancer cell biology, gene therapy and gene editing in clinical practice, as well as the impact of molecular research on the diagnosis and treatment of various malignant hematologic diseases. This edition includes updated suggested readings and a wealth of new full-color charts, graphs, and illustrations throughout.

  • Covers the molecular biology of different blood diseases, their pathogeneses, and current molecular research and therapies
  • Illustrates the impact of molecular research on hematologic investigations and therapeutics
  • Discusses how progress in basic science and therapeutics has improved the diagnosis and care of patients with various hematologic disorders
  • Surveys recent developments in cancer-cell biology, with an emphasis on leukemia and lymphoma
  • Includes access to a companion Digital Edition providing search across the book, downloadable illustrations, and notation tools

Molecular Hematology is a must-have resource for established and trainee clinicians, clinical scientists and researchers, medical students, and upper-level undergraduates in the fields of hematology, oncology, and molecular biology.


List of contributors ix

Foreword xiii

Preface xv

1 Beginnings: the molecular pathology of hemoglobin 1
Douglas Higgs and Mohsin Badat

2 Stem cells 17
David T. Scadden

3 The genetics of acute myeloid leukemia 33
Amye M. Harrigan and Amy M. Trottier

4 Molecular diagnostics and risk assessment in myeloid malignancies 51
Christian Scharenberg and Torsten Haferlach

5 Molecular basis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia 67
Shunsuke Kimura and Charles G. Mullighan

6 Chronic myelogenous leukemia 83
Hagop Kantarjian, Elias Jabbour and Susan O’Brien

7 Myeloproliferative neoplasms 99
Jessica Spiers, Dina Mahdi, Christopher Saunders and Donal P. McLornan

8 Lymphoma genetics 113
Giovanni Insuasti- Beltran, Chad M. McCall and Eric D. Hsi

9 Molecular basis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia 127
Bita Fakhri and Alexey Danilov

10 The molecular biology of multiple myeloma 137
Udit Yadav and Wilson I. Gonsalves

11 The molecular basis of bone marrow failure syndromes and red cell enzymopathies 145
Deena Iskander, Lucio Luzzatto and Anastasios Karadimitris

12 Anemia of chronic disease 169
Tomas Ganz and Elizabeta Nemeth

13 Molecular basis of iron metabolism 175
Jodie L. Babitt and Tomas Ganz

14 Perspectives in genomics and sickle cell disease therapeutics 187
Ambroise Wonkam

15 Molecular coagulation and thrombophilia 201
Björn Dahlbäck and Andreas Hillarp

16 The molecular basis of hemophilia 217
Keith Gomez

17 The molecular basis of von Willebrand disease 231
Omid Seidizadeh and Luciano Baronciani

18 Platelet disorders 251
Kenneth J. Clemetson

19 The molecular basis of blood cell alloantigens 267
Winnie Chong, Louise Tilley and Colin Brown

20 Functions of blood group antigens 285
Jonathan S. Stamler, Marilyn J. Telen and Carla Dinardo

21 Autoimmune hematological disorders 299
Drew Provan and John W. Semple

22 Molecular therapeutics in hematology: gene therapy 321
William M. McKillop and Jeffrey A. Medin

23 Pharmacogenomics 343
Leo Kager and William E. Evans

24 Cancer stem cells 359
Sara Ali and Dominique Bonnet

25 CAR- T cell therapy 369
Jude Franklin, Prateek Pophali, Zachary Jackson, David Wald and David Avigan

26 Molecular basis of transplantation 397
Pramila Krishnamurthy, Victoria Potter and Francesco Dazzi

Index 413