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Molecular Typing in Bacterial Infections, Volume II

ISBN: 9783030832193
ISBN: 9783030832193
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This updated second edition of Molecular Typing in Bacterial Infections, presented in two volumes, covers both common and neglected bacterial pathogenic agents, highlighting the most effective methods for their identification and classification in the light of their specific epidemiology. New chapters have been included to add new species, as well as another view of how bacterial typing can be used. These books are valuable resources for the molecular typing of infectious disease agents encountered in both research and hospital clinical laboratory settings, as well as in culture collections and in the industry. Each of the 21 chapters provides an overview of specific molecular approaches to efficiently detect and type different bacterial pathogens. The chapters are grouped in five parts, covering respiratory and urogenital pathogens (Volume I), and gastrointestinal and healthcare-associated pathogens, as well as a new group of vector-borne and Biosafety level 3 pathogens including a description of typing methods used in the traditional microbiology laboratory in comparison to molecular methods of epidemiology (Volume II). Comprehensive and updated, Molecular Typing in Bacterial Infections provides state-of-the-art methods for accurate diagnosis and for the correct classification of different types which will prove to be critical in unravelling the transmission routes of human pathogens.